Done in a Day

The Home Transition Experts

Done in a Day, Inc. is a professional home transition company serving the Washington, DC metro area. Since 2005, we have worked with over 2000+ homeowners and their Realtors to prepare their homes to sell for top dollar, as well as coordinate, and orchestrate the move to their next home. Throughout each step in the Total Home Transition process (preparing the house for sale, packing up and physically relocating, and settling into the new home) we oversee every detail.

Our philosophy is – it isn’t done until it’s perfect!


What is a “Total Home Transition”?

A Total Home Transition is the process homeowners go through when they sell one home and move into the next. It begins the moment they decide to move, and ends with the unpacking of the last box in their new home. While most people consider these to be two distinct events (selling and moving), we at Done in a Day understand these are two steps of the same process. We partner with sellers to guide them through the entire process as an objective advocate invested in their best interests. Though no two moves are identical, every project’s scope is composed of three categories – the Physical work, the Emotional stress, and the Financial ramifications.


The Physical Work

The physical work is the “easy” part of the process. This includes the dirty, sweaty, hard labor of packing and moving. It is hard on the body, and requires a fair amount of endurance. It is not hard on the mind, however, and because it is easy to imagine this part of the moving process, many people assume if they hire professional movers, they are avoiding the “hard work” contained in a move. Unfortunately, by focusing only on the physical side of moving, many underestimate the full scope of what awaits them.


The Emotional Stress

In over thirteen years of experience transitioning families from one home to the next, we have noticed that typically one person ends up bearing the responsibility for the success of the move. Even if at the start of the project, several family members are engaged, by the end, only one person will be calling the shots. The person responsible for the move will need to make hundreds of decisions throughout the process and without proper help, will be left completely emotionally exhausted. Not only because of the sheer number of decisions, but because they will be required to make decisions to aid in transforming their beloved home into a product for sale, devoid of their personal touches and preferences. They will be asked to ignore all the years of memories of crafting the home to be just how they liked it, as well as the life events that happened within the walls. Many times, those who are struggling with stress or the idea of moving, will make decisions based off their emotions instead of what’s best to prepare the house to sell (i.e. I cannot paint over this green room because we loved this color green and it looks so wonderful in this room.) This only works against the end goal of selling the house, and is one reason why having expert support is so important to help guide this process.


The Financial Ramifications

The financial ramifications of selling your home and moving go well beyond the Realtor’s commission and the quote you receive from the moving company. There will be costs associated with getting the house ready to sell (painting, making necessary upgrades and repairs, landscaping, cleaning) as well as preparing for the actual move (packing materials, storage fees, disposition fees, gratuities for movers). It is easy for homeowners to be caught off guard at the long list of expenses, unless of course they are working with a home transition expert who can help them prepare and budget in advance.


Why do I need a Home Transition expert?

As Home Transition experts, we partner with sellers and their agents to control the chaos associated with this major life change. We educate sellers on what to expect in terms of the full scope of this transition, the schedule of tasks, and the true cost of a Total Home Transition – the physical, emotional, and financial costs. We create a custom step by step plan for each family that guides them through the three phases of the Total Home Transition process. We work side by side with each seller throughout the process to keep them motivated, on task, and on schedule. We provide vetted resources to successfully complete each task. We’ve mastered what we do and since 2005, our company has always recognized the process in its entirety and provides education, expert guidance, and critical physical and emotional support to our clients from beginning to end.


Our clients are often busy professionals or those with large families with hectic and competing schedules, who simply do not have the time to plan, manage, and execute the preparing of their house for sale or their move. They need more than their realtor and a traditional moving company to help them. They need an advocate who will keep their best interests at heart in each phase of the process (preparing the house to sell, packing and physically moving out of the house, and unpacking and settling everything into the new house).


We also serve clients who are looking to downsize, and need assistance pairing down as they transition to a smaller property, as well as clients who are making very complicated moves involving multiple properties. No two homes have the exact same footprint, so our experts can provide guidance as to how the new home should be set up, and how to best to use existing furniture.