Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the “Total Home Transition” Process?

Our home transition experts at Done in a Day, manage the entirety of the home transition process, working closely with you every step of the way.  The process includes three phases –

1) Designing your home to sell for top dollar (what we call The Perfect Listing™),

2) Selling your home (and surviving “Limbo Land” while on the market), and

3) Moving and settling into your new home (what we call The Perfect Move).



INITIAL CONSULTATION – When working with a home transition expert, the first step is to complete a comprehensive objective assessment of the entire structure and property. Our experts can look at the house and property with a non-emotional viewpoint, and recognize exactly what needs to be addressed in order to make the most meaningful visual impact to potential buyers.


EXPERT RECOMMENDATIONS – The result of the consultation will be a prioritized list of items to address to prepare the house to sell, and to prepare the homeowners to move. It is critical to consider the move while you are doing the hard work of getting the property ready to sell. This is the most efficient and strategic use of the homeowner’s time and energy.  Our home transition experts separate the list of recommendations into “must do’s” and “like to do’s” so the homeowner can judge how much they are willing to take on. The “must do’s” include anything that will result in the house failing the home inspection. The “like to do’s” will include items that may not necessarily prohibit the house from selling, but they might impact how much a buyer is willing to offer. If potential buyers see the house as truly move-in ready, they will be more willing to offer top dollar.


UPGRADE & REPAIR – After the list of recommendations has been reviewed with the homeowner and finalized, the next step is to engage the appropriate contractors needed to make the necessary upgrades or repairs to the house, which may include painting, electrical work, plumbing, repairing or replacing broken or outdated elements of the home (lighting fixtures, flooring, tile) etc. The home transition expert will work with the homeowner to focus on the fast, easy, and inexpensive fixes, always keeping the cost/benefit ratio in mind. The home transition expert will manage collecting, reviewing, and negotiating the estimates, and scheduling the work. They will also manage the process of the work being completed, meeting both quality and schedule requirements.


SORT – The home transition team will work with the homeowner to sort through the entire property (every closet, every drawer, every space used for storage such as the basement, attic, garage, etc.) and group items into the following categories:


  • REMAIN in the house (to use in the staging and later move to the new home),
  • MOVE to the new home (pack and store on-site),
  • STORE (pack and store off-site),
  • SELL (auction or consign),
  • DONATE (to organizations or friends/family), and
  • DUMP.


DISPOSE – After all items have been sorted, the transition team will make the appropriate dispositions, including:


  • packing all items to store and transporting them to storage, obtaining a contract for storage (short term unit or long term palletized), and packing the storage unit,
  • packing and inventorying items to sell, and making arrangements with local auction houses or consignment shops to receive them (either by pick up or our team dropping off),
  • packing all items to donate, and transporting them to any number of local organizations that accept donations, and collecting the receipt to be used for tax purposes,
  • designate any items to be passed along to friends and family and aiding in the transport of the items if need be, and
  • transporting trash items to the dump.


PACK – All items that will be moved to the new home, and are not to be used in the staging, will be inventoried and packed by the transition team. Our home transition team will select and purchase the appropriate packing materials to use. High valued, oversized, and fragile items such as paintings, lighting fixtures, and sculptures require additional consideration and may require unique crating or packing procedures.

With the dispositions already completed, the packed items can remain in the storage areas of the house while it is on the market. Our home transition team will pack like items with like (i.e. all similar items are packed together) for ease of unpacking and organizing in the new home. Since no two homes have the exact same layout, it makes sense to pack this way, so when you are unpacking, you can see all the books / crystal / china, etc at once and can decide how they will be stored. Most professional moving companies that offer packing services, only pack by room. Leaving the homeowner a lot more work to do when unpacking in order to get settled in the new home.  After the transition team has completed the packing, the homeowner will be 75% packed and ready for the move.


DEEP CLEAN – Our transition team will clean the inside of the home from top to bottom.


STAGE – To attract the widest audience of potential buyers, the “personal footprint” (i.e. how you make a house a home) must be removed. It’s important to focus the attention of the potential buyers on what is staying (the high ceilings, the natural light, the hardwood floors), not what is leaving (the curtains, the sofa, the carpet). Our home transition team will arrange the furniture to showcase the home’s architecture and best selling points, and will supplement décor with fresh linens, lamps, mirrors, and floral elements as needed.


LANDSCAPE – Our home transition team will manage the landscapers completing the cleaning up of the exterior including trimming, edging, power washing, window washing, gutter cleaning, and adding mulch and key plantings to increase curb appeal.


BROOM SWEEP CLEAN – Our home transition team will complete the final clean of the house after the staging and all contracting work is complete. This will include cleaning the appliances, bathrooms, built-in shelves, drawers, and cabinets, and removal of any trash. Our team will also use hardwood floor polish to make the floors shine. The house will now be market ready!



After all the activity and hard work of getting the house ready to list, many homeowners struggle with having their home on the market. They are on the receiving end of negative feedback from buyers, and are anxious about every day that passes without an offer. Our home transition experts can help sellers know what to expect during this period so they are not caught off guard and can maneuver through this unsettling time with ease!



Transitioning into the new home begins for many once there is a ratified contract on their current house. This phase includes:


PACK – Our transition team will inventory and pack the balance of items not packed in Phase I.

GO BAG – Our transition team can advise on what the homeowners should pack in a bag for the first two days in the new home. This will make for a smooth first night in the new home.

MOVE – On moving day, our home transition expert will work closely with the moving company, acting as an advocate for the seller and maintaining close communication with the seller if they are not on-site.


At the old house, our home transition expert will:

  • complete the walk through of the house with the movers and point out any areas that need special attention,
  • field any questions throughout the day,
  • supervise the wrapping and preparing of the furniture and specialty goods to make sure things are handled with great care,
  • supervise the loading of the truck and the handling of all the items,
  • complete the final walk through to make sure nothing is left behind, and
  • follow the truck to the new home.


At the new home, our home transition expert will:

  • confirm the moving company has adequately prepared the space by putting down floor mats and ground cover, and wrapped bannisters and stairwells,
  • supervise the unloading the truck,
  • facilitate the correct placement of all furniture and boxed items, and
  • suggest gratuity amounts for superior service once the movers are finished.


UNPACK – The first step to a successful unpacking process is to prioritize the order in which to unpack the boxes so you are working most efficiently. Our transition team will strategically organize how all the boxes are to be unpacked and all items are to be put away. Our home transition expert will lead the process of organizing the design of all the vital living spaces and storage areas, so the homeowner does not have to make a series of decisions in the midst of this stressful process. Professional moving companies that offer unpacking services, only provide the actual unpacking of boxes and the removal of packing materials. They simply leave all the items on the floor, for the homeowner to put away. Our transition teams go above and beyond this service!


DISPOSE – Our transition team will remove all boxes and trash.


2. What is “The Perfect Listing”?

The Perfect Listing™ is a house that sells for the most amount of money, in the least amount of time. We at Done in a Day have trademarked this term “The Perfect Listing” because it is our mission to achieve this goal every time we work with a homeowner.


3. Do you provide Interior Design services?

In the formal definition of the word, no. We do not generate architectural plans or drawings from which a contractor could work, nor are we accredited as Interior Designers.

We do provide space planning and organizational design services, both to prepare a house to sell, as well as to design a home to live. We have experience working on over 2,000 projects over the last 13 years, and are well versed in solving design problems. We understand how color, scale, proportion, style, and layout all play into designing a successful home, and we can work with you to address your immediate needs.


4. Do you stage with your own inventory?

No. We stage using the homeowner’s existing furniture and art, and will typically supplement with fresh linens, lamps, mirrors, and floral elements. Occasionally, we recommend larger purchases such as rugs or furniture, immediately available at local retail stores.


5. Is it hard to live in a staged home?

YES. It is incompatible with daily living especially with kids and/or pets. It is not comfortable. A staged home is designed only to photograph and tour. Can it be done? Absolutely. Many of our clients live in the house while it’s staged and on the market.


6. What exactly gets “Done in a Day”?

A lot! Our home transition experts work so quickly and efficiently; our clients are constantly amazed at how much can be accomplished in one day!

When faced with going it alone, the process of preparing your house for sale can take weeks or months. You may start out one weekend sorting through items in your attic, but after a few hours, you lose steam or get distracted. The next thing you know, three weeks have gone by with no progress having been made!

The process of moving can feel simultaneously draining and overwhelming, and tasks like decluttering easily get bumped down the list of priorities for you and your family. Done in a Day can provide a boost of productive momentum for you, so you feel invigorated and ready to tackle the next thing on your list.


7. I’m not moving, but I need help organizing and decluttering, do you do this?

Yes! We have many valued clients who come back to us again and again for help with organizing, decluttering, design, and space planning of their homes even when they are not moving.


8. How much are your services?

Every project is different, so the cost of our services can differ depending on the scope of work. Our teams work on an hourly basis and we provide an estimate of projected hours so our clients have a good understanding of the project costs before any work has started. To get a better idea of how much to budget for your project, please contact us for a consultation.


9. How is your process different than a typical home stager?

The home transition services we offer go above and beyond that of any typical home stager. Most staging companies will provide a consultation with recommendations, and help with decluttering, a quick tidy, and arranging furniture. Done in a Day services are comprehensive! Please see The Total Home Transition process as detailed above.


10. I can’t tell what you’ve done in your photos. What did the BEFORE look like?

Out of respect for our clients, we oftentimes do not take BEFORE photos. When we note on a photo on our website or social media platforms that we “staged” the house, that means we have completed the process as detailed above with sorting, disposing, packing, organizing, cleaning, and staging. We have touched every inch of that home!


11. Do you help homeowners sell their items online (Craigslist, ebay, etc.)?

No. We have found that during a move, homeowners benefit more from utilizing auction houses and consignment shops, simply because there is a lot less they need to do. The process of moving is stressful and it demands a lot of a homeowner, so the time and energy needed to sell items online usually outweighs any financial returns they would see as compared to an auction house or consignment shop.


12. Do you itemize lists of donated items for tax purposes?

No, though we will photograph items prior to packing and transporting them to the donation sites. The photos can assist the homeowner in completing the itemized donation receipt. Valuation guidelines can be found online.


13. Are you a moving company?

No, though we partner will all major local moving companies and have long-term professional relationships with a few we can recommend. We will happily work with the moving company of your choice. We do however, have team members who we use to move furniture during the staging of the house, and who will deliver items set for disposal (storage, donations, dump).