CY, Move, August 2018

Your preliminary work in organizing our house really sped up the whole process.

HW, Move, July 2018

Perfect as always! Yes, I certainly could use another day but can’t plan right now. I will be in touch. Thanks so much!

DC, Design, July 2018

Oh my....what fabulous ladies! Am so impressed! Will not forget and now that I have done this move thing.....I can speak from my own experience! Everyone needs Elena and Magie in their move!

FM, Move, July 2018

Yesterday’s operation at Extra Space Storage was very successful. Eric and his helper took great care in loading up all of the furniture that we had identified for donation, and also in re-organizing the remaining storage items so that we can now easily access them on our own. The whole effort was accomplished in good time and we are very grateful to Eric for this good work. I understand that you will forward a receipt at some point from ‘A Wider Circle’ for tax purposes.

DD, Move, June 2018

Sorry for not responding sooner. Everything went fantastic - Eric was great!

HH, Move, June 2018

They are and were A TOTAL must for the sale of mine and Roger's home. They do sorting, disposing, packing, staging, cleaning, because there is A LOT to do when you move. What Caroline did for me is reduce the overwhelmed or burnt out feeling of the whole process. They are more than a stager and really DO IT ALL. I can't speak more highly of their services.

KK, Stage, Move, June 2018

Your team was fabulous. My husband was thoroughly impressed and we are both very glad to have you lined up for the move IN this Fall.

EM, June 2018

Caroline, the move was fabulous. The guys were fantastic on time and extremely careful; we all told them so and tipped them. I would use them myself. Movers were extremely organized and made everything for me painless!

CB, June 2018

Just wanted to tell you that Closets by Design installed a wall of closets for us earlier this week, and they are totally great. Thanks so much for the recommendation. Also, Eric and his guys did our move yesterday and again did a wonderful job. Thanks again.

JF, Stage, Move, May 2018

Thanks Karen. The condo looks great and we put it all back together this morning, so your work wasn’t for naught! Thank you again for a smooth process and a lovely-looking apartment!

SB, Stage, May 2018

We sold this property! I have been extolling our work to all! Thank you, Caroline!

DW, Stage, May 2018

You are amazing, and I am very impressed and so very, very happy that we found you. Having been in business myself, as I was mentioning, I know how difficult it is to manage people, time and expectations.....so I am a fan. It was amazing to see you take Al through the house and in a short period of time, he seemed to know exactly what you needed and wanted in each room. Clearly, you both speak the same language and are on the same page, which is a tremendous advantage in this whole process.

MV, Stage, May 2018

We have been loving the new house. And we constantly reflect on how amazing the DIAD packing was — anytime we need something from those boxes in the basement, we find it in a heartbeat!

JF, Stage, Move, May 2018

I can’t thank you enough for everything so far. Ellie and Julia are enjoying a video in the gorgeous playroom. Once there are more cushions in the cubby I’m sure that will be the destination of choice (:

NE, Design, April 2018

It’s Caroline’s vendors and craftsmen (like Milton) who made it possible on short notice. Almost as fun as driving around on muddy roads in Rwanda to health centers for a project… all for love of children!

YS, Stage, April 2018

The paint and staging ABSOLUTELY helped and I know you already know that but sure it is great to hear it from your clients!! So you are a BA too. Yes Helen is a rock star and both of you work so hard and are top notch professionals! We are incredibly pleased and happy. When I like something I am a big mouth positive advocate so hopefully I can send folks your way. I’m telling my friends in the hood DO NOT WAIT on cleaning out and prettying up your house. I am very happy I painted most of the bedrooms and replaced all the carpets a couple years ago. Funny thing is the biggest detriment of our house was the dark kitchen. The buyers loved it! Didn’t hurt w sunny days and beautiful flowering outside and CLEAN WINDOWS to let it all in!

LS, Stage, April 2018

Caroline- You (again) and your team did a great job. Thank you.

MR, Agent, Stage, April 2018

The house looks so beautiful! Congratulations on getting it all pulled together.

MR, Stage, April 2018

Looks like Caroline’s team has worked their magic to organize and clean, and our handyman has done his job.

YL, Stage, April 2018

Thanks Caroline. Your team is really terrific.

BL, Stage, April 2018

Got it thanks! All looks fantastic. Enjoyed working with the ‘girls’ and you as well Caroline.

LS, Stage, April 2018

Caroline - the house looks amazing!! Thank you to you and your team for all the hard work!

KG, Stage, April 2018

Thanks, Caroline. Your fast turnaround is impressive. Your comments were very insightful and perceptive, and we appreciate your frankness and ability to condense years of living into meaningful capsules.

DD, Stage, April 2018

Caroline and her team are the best! They can help you downsize and move from Bethesda to Gtown. I’m copying Caroline on this note. Enjoy the process!

EE, Stage, Move, Design, April 2018

You guys do great work. I Can’t wait to see it!

MR, Stage, April 2018

Karen and team, the house looks AMAZING! Thank you for all you have done here.

JK, Stage, April 2018

Thank you so much for this information. You all have been very diligent and we appreciate your work. We're impressed with the design work you accomplished today -- We've just seen the bookcases in the office and they look fabulous! We think it's important for you to devote whatever time is necessary to achieve a spectacular photo shoot! We're willing to adjust the contract accordingly to ensure the success of the shoot.

HW, Stage, March 2018

‘We aren’t just stagers, We are home transition experts.’ I was a witness to those words when you performed your talents at a recent listing of mine. We sold the house in record time — at a good price which included the cost of your service.

MW, Stage, March 2018

Thanks, Rida! Thanks for all your hard work. We really enjoyed working with you, and were impressed with your work ethic and your attention to detail. The house looks really lovely. Cheers.

HW, Stage, March 2018

Thanks Caroline for that support!! I figured I am here I might as well do something instead of watch your guys work like dogs alone!! And being in the mode of get rid or donate was truly refreshing and I just committed my mind to it!! The house looks awesome with everything cleaned up/out and packed. The ‘ladies’ also organized the cubbies and cabinets in the laundry room as they had packed up most everything else!

LS, March 2018

You guys were amazing. As I told Karen, the packing in particular was just perfect — everything totally safe and perfectly labeled. As Mark said, while we were unpacking the kitchen, they deserve an A+.

JF, February 2018

It’s fabulous Caroline, you hit it out of the park!!!

MW, Stage, February 2018

The changes you made seemed very impactful and made the house look much less fussy!

SP, Stage, February 2018

Thank you for the awesome work! We will definitely be using you again!

ET, Move, February 2018

Thank you so very much for coming to my house the other day to give me an idea of what we might need to accomplish before a move could happen! Your thoughtful and complete observations and comments were very helpful for us going forward. You have a talent that is so very useful in this market and I will be sure to stress to my Clients that you can make a world of difference in the sale of a house! I am not sure when we might make a change as we have some soul searching to do first, but I am grateful and impressed with you and your business!

BA, Stage, February 2018

Update: 44 + visitors at first open house. 2 contracts yesterday. SOLD today! Thank you and all of DIAD for a wonderful job!

KK, Stage, February 2018

Huge thanks for the help. I would have cancelled the project I’m sure if I had to do this packing myself - seriously.

CS, Move, February 2018

I loved seeing this email so I could think of YOU and all the fun we had in DC with my house in Chevy Chase and then how awesome it was for you to come to Houston and help me set up our home here. Please give my love to your amazing helpers and I am assuming that they are all still with you. I am sure you have tons of business and your company is thriving as you are the very BEST. Much Love.

JT, Stage, Move, February 2018

Amazing ladies!

CS, Move, February 2018

Caroline, I was just thinking of you the other day! I have no projects in mind at the moment, alas. Hard to believe it's been three years since I moved here. I love it! Thank you again for all your help. I would not have made it without you and your crew. XOXO

MR, Stage, Move, February 2018

Caroline is a master of whipping properties into shape and holding home owners hands as they made tough decisions as to what should stay, go, and how to do it all. For down sizers this is huge. In short its a home transition service she provides. Caroline is the most tactful no nonsense gal I’ve ever met!

CD, Agent, January 2018

Caroline, Thanks for the expert work of your team! I can’t even imagine what I would feel like if I had tried to do this myself! Probably not wanting to do the renovation at all! Everyone has been so superb and professional. You have an impressive group working with you.

CS, Move, January 2018

Everything was great. I really can’t think of a single complaint. Your team is fabulous. Well done.

DF, Move, January 2018

Everything was fabulous! The ladies were amazing and so nice. We really had a good time with them unpacking yesterday! And Eric and his team were great. They really made our whole move seamless... and fun 🙂 Everyone keeps telling us we were crazy to move with a newborn, but I let them know we used you and how it was stress free!

KF, Move, January 2018

LS, March 2018

I’m so grateful to have you professionals working on the sale of my home. And Caroline I don’t think I would’ve made it through the last few days without you and your terrific team.

SK, Stage, Move, January 2018


Thank you Caroline. I know you had to squeeze us in, and I owe you dearly for doing so. It was a very challenging situation for me and Dan, and I don’t think we could have done it without you.

CB, Move, December 2017

I love them! They moved me in as well- they are true life savers! Caroline Carter- Done In A Day! There's no one better!

SF, Move, November 2017

Clearly you underestimated Caroline . . . and Magie and Elena! I'm surprised you didn't see the parade of trucks ferrying boxes of stuff to donate and store and trash!

NM, Stage, November 2017

With this project coming to an end I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did. It was a pleasure to work with you. You are amazing!!

TP, Design, November 2017

The place looks awesome-can’t tell you how much I appreciate you getting involved-I love the outside too! Whole new place!

NB, Design, November 2017

Hi Caroline, Liza and Magie were just wonderful today. Hard workers, helpful, cheerful and professional. We got just about all of our boxes and the many reams of paper our of our space by day’s end. As a result, as they undoubtedly have reported, we will not need them for another day. We can’t say that would use them in our next move (this was our last), which actually makes me sad. Such treasures, together and individually. They made moving so much easier and more pleasurable. Thank you and best to you.

DS, Move, November 2017

Looks amazing and you are amazing. Not sure what to say or how to say THANK YOU!!!! Get some rest! You are the BEST!!

AB, Design, November 2017

Thanks! We are so pleased with everything!

SC, Design, November 2017

On a personal note, it was wonderful to meet you and your team. I didn’t get to thank them or say good bye, so please pass on my well wishes. You are very lucky to have such wonderful people working for you. It’s obviously a testament to your leadership style. I hope our paths will cross again!

EB, Stage, November 2017

Thank you so much for pulling your team together on no-notice!

SO, Stage, November 2017

Done in A Day was excellent. You have made a big difference in organizing my Bethesda condo!

DF, Move, October 2017

You guys did a great job on my decorations -- I love them.

RO, Design, October 2017

Thank you, Caroline and Molly! We appreciated all of your honest and helpful insight. It was great meeting both of you.

SR, Stage, October 2017

Thank you so much for your time and wonderful suggestions. We are already working to implement them all!

SG, Stage, October 2017

I got the photos back. They look amazing! Once I get the v tour up I’ll send you a copy of the 4 day success. Karen’s attention to detail, her ability to stay calm, keep things moving, multi task and design acumen is amazing. No way could this have happened without your team!

KK, Stage, October 2017

The cleaning and staging has gone very well, and Carroll was here yesterday and was pleased. The young ladies are a pleasure to work with. Thank you.

MH, Stage, October 2017

I miss working with your team:) The results are so amazing.

PT, Design, October 2017

We had the open house over the weekend. I received four offers on Tuesday and signed a contract with very favorable terms that night. I believe that your efforts and those of your team to declutter, stage, deep clean and polish really made a difference in letting prospective buyers see that they could live here and that it was attractive, clean and neat.

ES, Stage, September 2017

Thank you so much, Karen! I am so grateful for all of these wonderful ideas. I miss having you all in my home and will be forever grateful for your transformations.

PT, Design, September 2017

Hi Caroline. The ladies are doing an incredible job and the place looks amazing.

ES, Stage, September 2017

I am depending on your talents to make this one bedroom apartment look beautiful so that my friends can come admire another of your amazing space transformations! I am looking forward to your help to make my November move as easy and smooth as possible!

BL, Stage, Move, September 2017

This is the brilliant capable woman who promises to get anything done in a day. She is talented and a one of a kind and so I think you guys really will like each other and you will find Caroline extremely useful in your life.

SJ, Stage, September 2017

I am depending on your talents to make this one bedroom apartment look beautiful so that my friends can come admire another of your amazing space transformations! I am looking forward to your help to make my November move as easy and smooth as possible!

BL, Stage, Move, September 2017

This is the brilliant capable woman who promises to get anything done in a day. She is talented and a one of a kind and so I think you guys really will like each other and you will find Caroline extremely useful in your life.

SJ, Stage, September 2017

All went perfectly! Thank you. We've done the best we can, now we need luck! Special request: when it comes time for us to unpack on the other end, may I request Maggie and Liza? They are a delight to work with and so helpful. Thanks Caroline for your good help and professionalism.

DS, Stage, September 2017

We were so pleased with Eric and his crew (well, family). They were professional, friendly, and super reliable. Couldn't have gone smoother.

EN, Stage, Move, September 2017

Hi Caroline! I would like to request keeping the same team as much as possible for next week. They are fantastic and they know where everything came from and can help with unpacking better than a completely new team.

ES, Move, August 2017

I’m sure you’re as busy as you want to be now. Your staging and moving services are so expert that word of mouth referrals will keep you successful for as long as you want to do this. I hope that everything on the home front has settled into something resembling a peaceful resolution and that you can enjoy peace of mind once again. You certainly deserve it!

KA, Stage, Move, August 2017

Caroline, I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying my CLEAN house. I don’t think I had any idea how dirty it was. The Ladies did a great job.

MW, Clean, August 2017

First of all you have been such a help with your people from start to finish beginning with your keen eye staging our home for sale!

CY, Stage, Move, July 2017

Hi Caroline, thanks for everything! The house looks amazing and your team was wonderful. I still can't believe you did it in 6 days! Does DIAD do move out/move in services as well?

EN, Stage, July 2017

Thanks for everything — House looks A+++

MW, Stage, July 2017

Thank you SOOOO much!!! You make my life so much easier. I am incredibly grateful!

SC, Stage, Move, July 2017

So stay tuned! Miss you! I need to hang out when you stage one of those difficult houses. You're a wizard!

CY, Stage, Move, July 2017

Done! My favorite four letter word, except golf.

SB, Stage, Move, July 2017

Everything was perfect! They arrived 9:15 and left at 4:30. Can't wait to have them back. Thank you!

DC, Design, July 2017

Thanks Caroline. The team was very helpful.

JR, Design, July 2017

I'm glad you're back in our lives. And I want you to take charge of this matter to get it done properly and efficiently.

SB, Stage, Move, July 2017

Hi Caroline. Thanks for the inventory! Elena and Elsa were great and fast.

ES, Stage, July 2017

Thanks for the hustle- I knew you could do it!

TG, Agent, Stage, July 2017

One of the agents sent this photo. As I said to the client, you have done hundreds of homes with enormous success. This person is an agent!!!

SK, Agent, July 2017

You continue to be fabulous!

SK, Stage, July 2017

Thanks soooo much for Magie! I couldn't have done this without Magie, Amy and ALL of you!

CY, July 2017

Elena and Elsa are amazing!

ES, Stage, July 2017

They were awesome- really appreciate you squeezing us in!

AO, Stage, July 2017

Thanks again Caroline. They did a great job and are a pleasure to work with!

LL, Move, July 2017

They are doing a great job. Still lots to do, but I can't estimate how much more time they need. I am very pleased. They are very professional, efficient, and polite.

SB, Move, June 2017

Your team was OUTSTANDING. I woke this morning feeling optimistic and organized. Even put 5 large boxes on my porch for LUPUS pickup. We worked really hard on Friday.... I couldn't have done it without your team. Now, the next phase will be just packing all the good stuff. EASY. Thank you for creating a wonderful business.

EH, Move, June 2017

Thank you Caroline. Everything about your work was very professional and considerate of our interests. We are very satisfied and pleased. And will be in touch again.

PS, Stage, June 2017

I honestly don't know what I would do without you and your team-- but especially you.

CY, Stage, Move, June 2017

As of yesterday, our house is under contract! Somewhat bittersweet, but I'm finally wrapping my head around it and excited to move on (or, getting there at least). We had such a positive experience with your team in terms of packing and staging, I wanted to reach out for an estimate for our actual move over to the new house to include: packing the rest of the house (mostly at this point the kitchen/pantry, closets and dressers, tools, remaining shelf in garage, furniture, and odds and ends in the laundry room), moving this stuff plus the stuff in storage to new house, unpacking, and painting the main level and upper level of the house (all one color, likely a soft light gray), and cleaning the old house for the new owners.

DJ, Stage, June 2017

Hi Caroline, thank you for being responsive to our concerns this afternoon. Good to know you and the agents are pleased; yours are the opinions that matter. We thought Liza, Raquel and Maggie were a very good workforce. We especially appreciated how quietly and efficiently they moved through the house. Thanks!

DS, Stage, June 2017

Many thanks, Caroline. It was great working with you and your team!

TJ, Stage, June 2017

It was a pleasure working with all of you. Betia and Angelica were easy to have around and I could never have pulled off getting this house on the market so quickly without all of you!!

JT, Stage, June 2017

My friend is looking for the type of help (and level of professionalism and expertise) only you and your team can provide! I've told her all about you and think you will be adding another member to the Caroline Carter Fan Club!! Hope you two can connect and that you can help her with her project!

LK, Stage, Move, June 2017

I want to tell you that a very dear friend of mine who will be in touch with you. I told her about you this morning with great pleasure and confidence in the terrific job that you and your staff did for me, twice in nine months! I am very grateful to you.

MR, Stage, Move, June 2017

Thank you Caroline, you always do an amazing job! So looking forward to seeing this one all completed!

SM, Agent, Stage, June 2017

They have finished for now. We were very pleased with their work. They were hard working, deliberate and very quiet and unobtrusive. It could have been difficult having them here with Gonsolvo, but it went very smoothly. Now we have a crew of 4 painters so we hope that will go as smoothly. See you on the other side.

CS, Stage, June 2017

Thanks again for today. We always understand so much more about the process (and everything else) after we see you- can't thank you enough for that.

AO, Stage, Move, May 2017

I can't manage without for your extraordinary advice for very long, and so I am seeking your help again!

BL, Stage, Move, May 2017

You are so awesome! I can't thank you enough for making my house sparkle! Hopefully we will get good news soon! Thanks again for the fantastic job and support!

MB, Stage, May 2017

What an amazing team! Truly, I am blown away by the transformation. I know we are going to market the best we can be! Fingers crossed for a fast and fab sale!

MB, Stage, May 2017

Your people are as good as it gets: efficient, kind, motivated, skilled. That the sweet Bet and the steadfast Eric have worked for you for 12 and 8 years, respectively, tells me a lot about you and your business. They deserve my tips and probably even a raise! Please tell your staff thanks for their hard work on my behalf. And thank you too.

SK, Stage, May 2017

I know your business is doing well because I now know a million people who have been using your team! Don't know if you will remember me from a few years back (Reservoir Road, in gtown), but I am about to renovate my kitchen and have some other work done, and I need to finish the clearing-out work we started but that I never quite finished. I'm wondering whether I might engage your team to come help me discard/donate the remainder of my stuff in the garage, as well as some stuff in my basement, in preparation for the renovation. I'm thinking I'd need to work with them for one chunk of time on each space (not sure how much) and then perhaps anticipate one additional session for whatever didn't get done/I didn't think of.

LL, Move, May 2017

Dear, dear Caroline, Paul and I were sitting at the end of our dining room, gazing out of our bay window upon our idyllic view of the reservoir - the best of Mother Nature, even in the rain - while sipping wine and nibbling on nibbles…. life at its very best; we raised our glasses to you, ‘Thank you, dear Caroline, for looking out for us in our new nest, knowing that those big chairs would be perfect for quiet reflection and conversation, and thanking the lord for all that we have…. AMEN!’ You must find a client that lives over here, so you can swing by and see us; if you don’t have a client over here, I know you’ll never have the time to drop by. Hmmm - what can I drum up for Caroline and her Angels to do for me? Seriously; if you ever have a moment free, PLEASE come say HI! We miss you….OH….. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, DEAR LADY!

RP and PP, Stage, Move, May 2017

I really appreciate your advice during our initial consultation, so thank you very much for all your insights.

GL, Stage, May 2017

The 4929 Rockwood Pkwy is now SOLD! Mary did a great job. But it could not have been done without you and your professionals. I still marvel at how your team skillfully and professionally managed the clear out and move. Every week I find examples of how well they did their job. Please pass on my best wishes and thanks.

CM, Stage, Move, May 2017

Caroline, Love your packing crew! Efficient and easy to work with!

KH, Move, May 2017

Yes you guys are an awesome team!! I am so grateful!

PW, Agent, Move, May 2017

We sincerely appreciate all the time you gave us and your super helpful thoughts and ideas on how to best show the house.

ET, Stage, May 2017

Good news - we got a contract on our house this week. First, thank you for all of you and your team's help in making this happen. We appreciate all the help in a short period in sorting and removing items from the house and in your tasteful staging. Second, we would like help now with Stage 2 of this project, which is to remove (either sell or donate) the remaining furniture and stuff that we aren't taking to the new house or to the Maryland house.

AE, Stage, May 2017

THANKS!! You and your team are terrific. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all of the 'stuff' that is in our garage. I really appreciate all of your help with this transition. We may be interested in your services for some sorting and organization as we combine our households under one roof. Hopefully this is a service your team can provide if needed.

DP, Move, April 2017

Thanks again for your ideas & generally calming presence today. MUCH appreciated.

SS, Stage, Move, April 2017

BTW- The Bethesda house is next and I NEED DONE IN A DAY SO I CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT! Hahaha! Thanks my friend!

RN, Stage, Move, April 2017

You & your team are terrific. Thanks for everything yesterday.

DP, Move, April 2017

Thanks again for your excellent help, all the way around. Kudos to Betia and the packing team’s carefulness and attention to detail. And, a big hug to Eric and his crew for moving far more stuff than I should have.

BD, Move, April 2017

Did you guys hear about the house news? 50K over asking and no contingencies! It’s all happening so fast I hardly have time to let it sink in! We will probably move in mid May!! Thank you Caroline! Couldn't have done it without you.

SK, Homeowner, Stage, April 2017

It's official - it's time for done in a day! But, the reason I love D in a D is because they can read between the lines - I need a house reset and a phase four.

SF, Stage, Move, March 2017

We are ready to take the leap! Family is mentally prepared and very excited to see what you do with the place. We are focused on how terrific it will be to move into the new house with our more organized and slimmed-down life!

SS, Stage, March 2017

We sold in 4 days over full price. Great work Caroline and thank you!

MR, Agent, Stage, March 2017

Thank you so much for your AWESOME suggestions…give me a few days I will tweak and when I am ready I'll show the progress. You both are the MVP of your business and I am lucky to have you on my Team…told the kids last night that this is probably happening, but to keep it on the DL for now…tbc… thank you again Caroline for giving us your time…nothing like slamming you right when you get back!

TZ, Stage, March 2017

I so value your expertise and our friendship and consider you to be a number one asset in preparing homes for sale.

SK, Agent, March 2017

Caroline, thank for all your help and flexibility.

DH, Move, March 2017

Terrific job Caroline!

MR, Stage, March 2017

I am primarily emailing you to thank you again for the job well done that you and your team did. We are closing on the sale of our house in two weeks and moving into our new house!

MK, Stage, March 2017

What a nice surprise when I came home. I absolutely love everything in the bedroom. I also like what was done in the living room. The lamps are perfect. The cube chairs are a great idea.

AC, Design, February 2017

I hope you got my phone message telling you once again how marvelous the Yuma Street house looked once all of your miracle workers had finished! No one could believe the transformation! I am so pleased with everything you did to help us make the sale!

PL, Stage, February 2017

Thanks so much! We'll stay in touch by phone or email while we're down in Fla dealing with the new house. I have really never been able to accomplish so much in so short a time! Thanks for the gentle pushes, and for your super staff!

SO, Stage, Move, February 2017

Hi and thanks Caroline to you and your colleagues. It very much feels like home and I’ll roll up my sleeves tomorrow to do more.

MD, Move, February 2017

Having Caroline mastermind the move is a gift!!

SK, Agent, February 2017

You and your team are exceptionally professional and efficient. We could never have done this project ourselves. We look forward to discussing working together on our move.

AE, Stage, February 2017

You did a fabulous job. I can't thank you enough. I will recommend you to anyone with the highest praise.

AW, Stage, February, 2017

Now that I’m almost completely settled in from the move (still can’t connect my printer to computer - that’s my problem!) thanks to our incredible Metro team and Done in a Day! Again, let me reiterate how thoroughly pleased we were with the 4-star treatment Metropolitan gave to our relocation, along with Done in a Day. It calmed our nerves and made turning our house into a home a pleasure!

RP, Stage, Move, February 2017

Your people are fantastic. They did a great job. Everything on shelves in the storage room is so great.

ML, Design, February, 2017

They did an incredible job today. Simply extraordinary. I am in awe…

AW, Stage, February 2017

Dear Caroline, You and your team made this stressful (for many reasons) move every bit worthwhile; you transformed a box into a warm, welcoming home - clean and free of boxes and wrapping paper in a matter of two days! As I always say - you’re magic! Every penny was worth it. There’s no price to sufficiently pay for what you did for us. I only hope the woman who gave you a hard time about it comes to her senses when she experiences first-hand what we did when your angels finished their work, put on their coats and hugged Paul and me goodbye, as we stood almost in tears of gratitude for the calm, serene and immaculate home they created with your masterful, genius eye and sense of space AND taste. Much love and enormous thanks, always!

R and PP, Stage, Move, February 2017

RJ and CJ completed all the packing today in good time, including invaluable help to me in sorting out the contents of our outdoor storage shed. Please convey our heartfelt thanks to RJ and CJ for the careful and highly competent work today in getting everything ready for tomorrow’s move.

MD, Homeowner, Stage, Move, February 2017

This team is fabulous; they’re so thorough, delightful to work with and have great ideas on how my kitchen should be set up. Elena mentioned that a new group is coming here tomorrow to help with the unpacking. I’m sure that the other team will be great, but would really love for this threesome to return tomorrow. They know the house, and I’m so comfortable with them.

RP, Stage, Move, February, 2017

Wanted you to be aware how much Masha and my son Paul enjoyed working with Eric and his helper on Saturday. They are first-rate!

DD, Stage, Move, February 2017

We so appreciate all the help of you and your team. I have been so impressed at what you all have accomplished! Kudos especially to the woman who seems in charge of the working team - she has a lovely manner and is very hard working.

AE, Stage, February 2017

I stopped by the house this morning and it looks amazing!!! What a transformation!!!

CC, Agent, January 2017

You are amazing! Just popped into Bob's discount furniture and saw the Colby sofa, loveseat and club chair. It will work perfectly!!! The club chair is s little bulky so I will pass on that one. I will look for a different chair. When I get those two pieces would you come back and arrange the living room. That is the perfect couch LOVE IT.

PA, Homeowner, January 2017

As promised, following is the contact information for Caroline Carter, who runs the firm Done in a Day! They literally saved me on my move. She is about as full service as it comes, and is a pleasure to work with. They templated my home upon moving in and are incredibly helpful in organizing and editing, and are beyond capable. I think you would love them

SF, Homeowner, January 2017

Your team was amazing!! I am so happy. Everyone did a fabulous job!! Thank you so much!! I would highly recommend you!! Many thanks!!

RM, Homeowner, January 2017

We appreciate all you did for us, received two offers and as a result we appear to have a sale at quoted price.

KW, Homeowner, January 2017

Caroline! Wow! Could not believe the progress made at Yuma! Amazed that the guys even managed to remove the wallpaper from the elevator shaft! The rooms look even bigger! Fantastic! I know the hard work that has gone into the task! Again, thank you so much! I don't think that I could have done much more in that house and it was overwhelming me! You have been a godsend with your crew!!!!

PL, Homeowner, January 2017

OMG soooo fabulous! I was going to call you yesterday but had to race out-Kay said she is a believer -They are thrilled and me too. Every single agent who walked in said wow at the front door!! Thank you

SK, Agent, January 2017

We greatly appreciate the fine job you and your excellent team did on our project. Please do not hesitate to use us as references.

JB, Homeowner, January 2017

YES OUR MOVE WILL BE WONDERFUL! To have your eye, can-do attitude, and support, Paul and I will be in great hands. Thank you, Caroline.

RP, Homeowner, January 2017


THANK YOU to your fantastic ladies (and men!) They were incredibly helpful in packing me up. And NOTHING was broken from both moves. So grateful. I ended up unpacking myself. It was actually fun unpacking in the new house 🙂

AC, Homeowner, November 2016

Since I feel like you are the answer woman....We finally ordered furniture for the apartment (after a few agonizing days of wondering whether we wanted to even continue living in this town!) We ended up working with a great woman to figure out furnishings, but naturally it will be a few months before we get things. In the meantime, we were thinking, is there a place to rent a large dining table and chairs for a few months until we get ours....Ask Caroline!!

PC, Homeowner, November 2016

Thank you so much, Caroline, for your very kind words and for all you did to create beautiful and comfortable 'homes' for our mom. Wherever she looked, she was able to see her handiwork (and yours) and that made her so happy.

BB, Homeowner, November 2016

Caroline’s team has been very good to work with. They are careful and very hard-working; they certainly know their business.

DD., homeowner, November 2016

I brought over here. I love you all. You were so kind to me during this period of High anxiety! My best wishes to all of you for happy and healthy lives and, hopefully, we will all meet again sometime.

KA, Homeowner, November 2016

I had a long and very informative call with Caroline Carter today. In excess of one hour. She is full of exceptionally substantive information about the Kalorama market. When you get home, we need to discuss The entire matter in depth and make some crucial strategic decisions. Possibly, Caroline can be involved in those discussions as well. She's a tremendous resource. Helps me focus my thinking on our options.

SB, Homeowner, October 2016

Thank you so much. What a relief. They were a lot of help. They'll probably be sick of me when we do end up moving!

CB, Homeowner, October 2016

You did such a great job on Glenbrook. We sold it right away and you deserve a great big applause!!! Thank you it is always great to work with you!!

EM, Agent, October 2016

Caroline's work is terrific. She gets things done.

MR, Agent, October 2016

Thank you Caroline and your team. Remarkable transformation.

EM, Agent, October 2016

Thanks so much for easing our burden of emptying the apt!

MF, Homeowner, October 2016

I had to reach out and thank you again. I came home tonight and practically wept when I saw Conrad's closet followed by my own and then I had to sit;) You all are amazing and honestly make us better people being in a home without the chaos of total disorganization! You seriously have a gift....The party was a big hit thanks to you;) We had over 100, half inside (football game) and half out so it's a good thing the inside looked good? Sending big hugs to you all.

AO, October 2016

Please reiterate to Elena, RJ, CJ and Betia what an extraordinary team they are and how calming and reassuring it was to work with them; they were so professional, thorough, friendly, smart and a joy to work with. They clearly adore and respect you - with good reason. I look forward to working with you and them once we’re on the other end of the selling end of the house!

RP, Homeowner, October 2016

I love it when Caroline puts her bells on!!!!

MW, Agent, September 2016

As you might have heard already, the house sold in 3 days. It showed so beautifully and there was a lot of buzz about what a beautiful property it is, The couple who bought it had been looking at the other end unit here at Merrywood for some time but didn’t want to buy it because it was in disrepair. So they jumped at the chance when mine came on the market. The quick sale had a lot to do with your staging expertise!

KA, Homeowner, September 2016

I cannot overstate how helpful she was. There were a few things she suggested that I was not sure about as it is different than how I have set up kitchens in the past. But she was absolutely right about each and every suggestion. Amazing. Thank you!

EL, September 2016

Contract- full price in 3 days! Caroline, you did a fantastic job. Client is thrilled – it sold in my office and settles in November which gives her time to move!

SK, Agent, September 2016

The preliminary contact sheet photos are beautiful! Even the agents who attended the photo shoot were impressed as were all of my friends who have previewed the house. I am grateful for your expertise and that of your crew. I can now see why some people decide to stay in their homes after you’ve staged them. My house has a much more comfortable look without giving up any of its elegance. I was so afraid that the nature of the decor would be so changed that it would lose its sophistication, but I shouldn’t have worried. You really came through and accomplished exactly what you said you would!

KA, Homeowner, September, 2016

People who have come over in the last few days CANNOT BELIEVE that we just moved in on Tuesday. In fact, I had a little mother-son get together after orientation on Friday and one mom asked what 'alternate universe' I was living in. I told her it was the Caroline Carter universe and I was happy to stay there, thank you very much!

BM, Homeowner, September 2016

We just wanted to offer a virtual standing ovation to the team that worked so hard (and long) yesterday to load us out of the house in McLean and into storage in advance of our eventual move to Texas. It was a challenging day (thank the real estate gods that we did NOT have to also move about 70% of the furniture that was still in the house - we presented enough other hassles). Leo Castillo, who was your team leader and the project overseer, was especially terrific - totally calm, very focused and relentlessly can-do. The entire crew was an excellent reflection on your company. In a world where it’s more common to memorialize a complaint than a compliment, we wanted to convey our appreciation. We are also grateful to Caroline Carter for introducing us to you. We sincerely hope Leo will be the (lucky) guy who is assigned to help us get to Ft Worth in mid-October.

BH, Homeowner, September 2016

The girls were so efficient especially Andrea and Elena! Hang on to them, because they do incredible things! We are all set here! Maggie worked MIRACLES today! Thank you very much Caroline! What a difference it makes!

KR, Hoemowner, September 2016

Elena and Andrea were amazing. Andrea got Harper's room completely unpacked and organized beautifully! We could have easily slept there last night, but decided to steal away until the nesspreso machine is unpacked ?

KR, Homeowner, September 2016

The house is almost completely 'staged.' I am very pleased with the result. We got off to a very bad start with the over anxious packers who didn't know the difference between essentials and non-essentials. The last group of women were fantastic. The house looks considerably less cluttered but still retains its elegance and appeal. The arrangement of the furniture is a lot different than it was in its original state but is actually more inviting and more comfortable looking. I wouldn't hesitate to have Caroline and her team put together my next house!! That's saying something for someone who was very skeptical at first. The shelves in the dining room and living rooms are pretty similar to the originals so that makes me very happy especially since all my Herend is grouped together once more in the living room!

KA, Homeowner, August 2016

CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 6 days (in dead of Aug)! Literally 95% because of you and your motivation and support!!!! You're amazing!!

CG, Homeowner, August 2016

You are a genius! I have never seen such a wonderful transformation Xoxoxo

SK, Agent, August 2016

I literally want to text you every day to tell you more and more about how much I love it!!! Cannot believe all you guys did!!! Thank you so much! XO

KM, Homeowner, August 2016

I just want to compliment you on the team that you have put together. Each person that I have met (packer/stager, mover, painter, and electrician) is terrific and talented. I know how hard it is to find the right people when you have a small business and you’ve done a great job.

ST, Homeowner, August 2016

It is awesome. Thanks in large part to YOU and your team!

SM, Home owner, August 2016

Thank you so much for these words!!! Your positive outlook and kindness means so much to me and is such an enormous help when I'm totally exhausted from all of this!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

CG, Homeowner, August 2016

Caroline, you're a miracle worker and an extremely kind and patient soul. I/we are enormously grateful to you for all you've done for our mom and for us. I think I'll have a peaceful night's sleep tonight because of you. With much gratitude,

BB, Homeowner, August 2016

Anyway, your team is - as always - delightful, hardworking and fast. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.

BH, Homeowner, August 2016

Thanks for today! I couldn't decide if I should say you're an inspiration or a breath of fresh air, so I'll just go with both.

VG, Homeowner, July 2016

You are amazing Caroline! Steve has been sending me pictures every night and I cannot wait to come home. Everything looks amazing!! You are incredible!

KM, Homeowner, July 2016

Thanks for everything Caroline! Everybody was great. Love to Bet! ? I am talking you up to moving neighbors. ?

PC, Homeowner, July 2016

I meant to email you last night, but you know I'm exhausted! ;). The team has been fantastic Caroline. Really could not be happier.

PC, Homeowner, July 2016

Thank you all so much for taking such great care of our move.

KM, Homeowner, July 2016

The weekend went very well overall. Elena and Betia were very helpful and seemed happy to take some things off our hands. We were both amazed at how much stuff left the house! The sorting was exhausting, but the ladies helped us better organize the attic and some trouble basement areas, and their patience and energy was terrific. We were mostly done in two days!

AV, Homeowner, July 2016

YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BEST! And sooo fun! You can't imagine how much I have learned from you - sometimes I sound just like you 🙂

SK, Agent, July 2016

Caroline-Thank you so much-you are a lifesaver!

AR, Homeowner, July 2016

It looks amazing!! Once you have the white towels in will look great and pop the bathrooms - love the wall color and the living room.

NB, Agent, July 2016

The girls did an absolutely fabulous job with the house today. I am so impressed with how good it looks and how hard they worked. Thanks - it has been totally worth it just to get de-cluttered!

AR, Homeowner, July 2016

Been an amazing help!!

MS, Homeowner, June 2016

Can I just tell you how amazing you are? Oh my goodness! We have been in our home for 7 years and it has NEVER looked better or been as organized as it is today. Thank you and your amazing ladies for all of your hard work and expert touches. Pray this thing sells fast! Then, on to Bethesda!!!! Yay!!! Thanks Caroline. Xoxoxo

BM, Homeowner, June 2016

Now that the dust has settled and we are comfortable, I wanted to write you again and tell you how much we appreciate all that you did to facilitate our move out of Hillendale and into Chase Point. We were able to leave here knowing that everything was in good hands. I think that Howard and his team were terrific movers and even the desk staff here told me how well the move went.

HP, Homeowner, June 2016

Please meet Caroline Carter (ccD) - organizer, stager, conqueror of clutter and messes large and small, tamer of would be hoarders (like me!), friend, tireless cheerleader and go getter! Caroline has saved me both time and sanity in every one of our moves! She runs a quality operation and is well worth the money!

LK, Homeowner, June 2016

Caroline - Great job by you and your team - very impressive.

MH, Homeowner, June 2016

Thank you so much for fitting me in your schedule - they were so incredibly helpful. By the time they left, the apartment was fully unpacked and I was ready for my son's arrival the next day.

MT, Homeowner, June 2016

Thanks Caroline for ALL that you and your team have done - including keeping me going.

MH, Homeowner, June 2016

They all look amazing !!! Thank you to the Caroline's!!!! I can't get over it:)

KE, Homeowner, June 2016

Thank you so much for meeting with us. We appreciate your wisdom & expertise. Consider us clients & we will move forward to make these moves happen!

HB, Homeowner, June 2016

Caroline, thank you so much for meeting with us and all the incredibly helpful advice in person and written out below. We greatly enjoyed meeting you

SH, Homeowner, June 2016

I thought I had things covered here in the house until I met Caroline yesterday!!

PC, Homeowner, June 2016

Thank you for everything. The move went so well and we love your team!

CP, Homeowner, June 2016

A very, very belated thank you for your assistance with this meeting. Your knowledge, suggestions and enthusiasm were much appreciated. I wish I could bring you to every listing appointment!

SB, Agent, June 2016

Just went by for the first time and it looks terrific!

NR, Homeowner, June 2016

Thank you so much for ANOTHER job well done!

BA, Homeowner, June 2016

Thank you, Caroline. I greatly appreciate your insight and expertise.

KD, Homeowner, May 2016

Thank you Caroline. Your team did a great job! We loved working with them!

CP, Homeowner, May 2016

Caroline, Thank you for a job well done! You can use me for a reference.

SB, Homeowner, May 2016

Thank you again, Caroline, for your time, keen insight and perspective, and the effort required to provide us such a detailed and comprehensive assessment of our needs and contract detailing the services required to make our move seamless and successful.

RP, Homeowner, May 2016

It looked great Caroline!!

KF, Agent, May 2016

The house looked amazing! A few people had seen it before and were so impressed with the difference. The party was a constant flow of people: agents, agents who brought clients, neighbors, reporters and friends.

KE, Agent, May 2016

Caroline, I hope the 'staging' meets your expectations and the event tonight is a success. We tried to help you as much as we could and we couldn't do it without you. Thank you and everybody that participated in preparation for the staging. Especially, my staff.

SB, Homeowner, May 2016

Terrific! Thanks so much, Caroline, for all your great work thru this process. You’ve been terrific to work with.

FR, Homeowner, April 2016

Dear Caroline - Are you sitting down? Today we got an offer above our asking price. There were two offers, both with upside above our price. Very exciting. Clean deal. Only on the market 5 days! Very pleased with the results of your TERRIFIC work, Caroline.

FR, Homeowner, April 2016

Caroline, I can honestly say that you and your entire team have done a remarkable job in launching this project. While I do not communicate well in the morning, I do enjoy working with you and all your people. I know my wife has expressed the same feelings. Let's get this launch finished and sell the house immediately thereafter.

SB, Homeowner, April 2016

As always, you come through for us!!! Many thanks!

MZ, Homeowner, April 2016

What can I say? My clients were blown away!!!!!

SK, Agent, April 2016

We fielded multiple offers today and left WFP with a purchase and sale agreement for our house. We are so pleased with the outcome of your team's efforts and wanted to send a quick thank you your way. We are celebrating the sale of our first home (above asking price!) and we could not have done it without your ideas and execution. Please feel free to include us as a reference in your future work. Open house traffic was incredibly strong and the house showed beautifully thanks to you and your team.

LR, Homeowner, April 2016

I dropped by the house today and I was bowled over by how fabulous it looks. You have done an outstanding job - really terrific! I think you have positioned the house perfectly for the potential buyers in the market. Your sense of what they want is on target, and your work is outstanding. You are really good at what you do, Caroline. Equally important, your ability to deliver the product on time is admirable. You have great execution skills. The house could not be in a better position to go on the market this weekend. Many thanks for all your great work.

FR, Homeowner, April 2016

Caroline - Great work. We are very confident in you and your team. Thanks.

LR, Homeowner, April 2016

Just saw some great photos of the interior of the house. Things are starting to look really beautiful!

LR, Homeowner, April 2016

Thank you so much, as always. I had dinner with XXX a couple of Fridays ago, and we agreed that you hung the moon, as they say!

MR, Homeowner, April 2016

Caroline - O. M. G.!!!! House looks fantastic - thank you for all your efforts!! You truly are a specialist at what you do!!

RH, Agent, April 2016

We had the photos taken yesterday and the house looked fantastic! ALSO: rave reviews for Betia!!!!!

KK, Agent, March 2016

You and your team are the best! Hope you like the house! XXOO

KL, Homeowner, March 2016

I was just talking about you yesterday about how amazing you are and how much you organized and set up my home when we moved here! Your ears should have been burning!! Tell everyone hello and so happy to know DIAD is doing great!!! Love from Texas!!❤❤

JT, Homeowner, March 2016

CAROLINE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! you are a genius! Love the study, playroom, Kate's room and the area next to piano...Molly wants some upgrades to her room!

KE, Homeowner, March 2016

Yes to all! I was very pleased the way everything turned out and with all your nice people throughout the process.

ME, Agent, March 2016

This is all very thorough and very helpful! I was inspired just by our meeting alone! Thank you for your help. I truly enjoyed meeting you and was very impressed with your ideas.

CB, Homeowner, March 2016

Thank you so much for your help and expertise is getting my client’s house ready to sell. I know you will do a superb job for them.

CC, Agent, March 2016

Very happy! So great to have them here! We might have another project toward the end of the month if that works for you.

JK, Homeowner, March 2016

We have been working non-stop since you left. Thanks for the direction and motivation.

HZ, Homeowner, March 2016


Thank you so much. We really appreciate all the hard work on our behalf.

EO, Homeowner, March 2016

Totally amazing! It looks fabulous. The new carpet makes a huge difference and you left just enough to showcase what interesting. We are crazy about you and your team!

SK, Agent, March 2016

We're all under Caroline's command - it's been Mrs. Toads Wild Ride, but we are getting there!

BBH, Homeowner, February 2016

Done.... In a Day !

RH, Homeowner, February 2016

Caroline – You did an awesome job on Millwood! I am giving your name to a client I raved about what you did on the phone. They are considering a big renovation which I have told them would be crazy cause it will mean they will have to get way more money and nobody wants to pay today.

DL, Agent, February 2016

As the agents walked in the door, each one looked around and said ‘wow’ We will be open on Sunday- very exciting-thank you for making it perfect.

SK, Agent, February 2016

Caroline, everyone sings your praises. Washington Fine Properties said they would have recommended you; it would have saved us a lot of grief if they had!

JB, Homeowner, February 2016

We are extremely confident in Caroline Carter and admire her work and ability to help clients attain the absolute best results. If you had asked us, she is who we would have recommended, so we are both thrilled that you found each other. The ROI on her services has been proven time and again in upper bracket sales in our market. She is a trusted resource within our firm. We wanted to provide you with this feedback if it assists you in making your choice. Caroline will incorporate seamlessly into our team to get you ready for the market and we both strongly encourage you to engage her. We are very excited about this as I am sure is obvious. Caroline's work will more than pay for itself.

KC, Agent, February 2016

They need your support!

KE, Agent, February 2016

Caroline, you’re the best!

RH, Homeowner, February 2016

You and your crew are a great pleasure to work with, for sure.

PP. Homeowner, February 2016

BTW, as always, you did an awesome job.

MW, Agent, February 2016

Thank you for all you did for my clients. They really enjoyed working with you and are most grateful for your help. I walked through the house yesterday, and it looks gorgeous! It sparkles all over. Many thanks for being such a terrific, fabulous, ‘beautifier.’

BB, Agent, February 2016

You are so good at what you do - and look how happy you have made so many of our clients!

HH, Agent, February 2016

Thanks Caroline! I defer to you the expert!! If you say yes re Kitchen item, then I’m on board as well. My only addition to your list would be to paint the Dining Room a more neutral color. Looking forward to working with you again!!

RH, Agent, February 2016

Thanks Caroline, your help was invaluable!

MG, Homeowner, February 2016

Bless you a thousand times for the help and hard work you are doing with my clients. I saw what you are doing and the amount of work involved.

BB, Agent, February 2016

Al has been just great. A good listener. Understanding. Easy to work with. Great crew. Get's it done. A super resource for you and us.

TL, Homeowner, February 2016

Everything looks great. All involved did a superb job and worked really really hard. I will especially miss Lisa and Maggie and am doubting my ability to go forward without them. They were lifesavers in so many ways. It is a tribute to you to have and keep such a talented and loyal crew. It was a joy to part of your 'family' for a few weeks. Many many thanks for being patient with me and for being so organized with great agility to navigate through difficult obstacles including 3 days of being snowed in. Hope to see you 'on the other side'. All the Best

BL, Homeowner, February 2016

YOU ARE ALL JUST AMAZING!!!!! Of course, I am not at all surprised.

SK, Agent, February, 2016

Thrilled you liked Caroline. She is a get it done girl! I feel strongly that in order to achieve top dollar following Caroline’s overall direction is important in creating a house that will have wide appeal.

HH, Agent, January 2016

Caroline delivers, and that is why we love to recommend her.

DL, Agent, January 2016

It’s almost time to return to our house! Your crew did a great job when we moved out. Would like to book them again for our return!

AG, Homeowner, January 2016

You were better than ever yesterday! ? thanks so much!!!

SM, Agent, January 2016

You are right. Staging does matter and makes a difference. Keep up the good work. I'm happily retired in Peterborough NH and although the winter is a mild one, we still have some snow to enjoy.

WM, Homeowner, January 2016

Caroline! First, THANK YOU and your Glorious Team for all the help in Detmer move number 4! I promise we won't be moving again for at least the next 20 years! Thanks again for assisting us with this move. Your 'girls' are terrific in every way!

CD, Homeowner, January 2016

Your company has been a huge help to me, and I can't thank you enough. Decorating for the holidays is daunting, as well as joyful, with the extra work required. And I get stressed seeing the messy closets and garage but don't have much free time to get to these things. I'm glad to have been introduced to you to solve these problems.

RO, Homeowner, January 2016

Thanks for meeting with me yesterday. I found your insights invaluable. It was a pleasure to meet you and I hope to work with you more as this process moves forward. You are definitely the 'wedding planner' of moving!

BC, Homeowner, January 2016

You're amazing and a rock star!

MM, Agent, January 2016

I was just telling my friends how amazing you were to me when we moved! No one like you who can be so creative and work so quickly to get the job done! Still loving my book shelves and all you did to help me setup my home! Priceless! Hope you got my Christmas card! Happy New Year!!!

JT, Homeowner, January 2016

Your team did a great job. They also had a great attitude and were great to work with. I was so impressed that I asked them to come back when time to organize my linen closet.

RO, Homeowner, January 2016

Liza is amazing!!!!! I would love to have her back to help on the move in in the fall. Your people were really amazing. We are out of boxes for the most part! Thanks so much!

AC, Homeowner, January 2016

Caroline, Happy New Year. Our house sold without ever going on the market- thanks for all you did to make the house presentable!

SP, Homeowner, January 2016

I want you to know that your crew from V Street was terrific.

JO, Homeowner, January 2016


Thanks Caroline. As usual, your crew was extremely helpful!

BR, Homeowner, December 2015

I want to thank you for all of your good advice and support. It kept my wife sane, which makes me very happy.

RP, Homeowner, December 2015

I spoke with you earlier this week about getting your parents’ apt ready for the market, and I mentioned my work with Caroline Carter of Done in A Day. I heartily recommend Caroline’s services and work ethic. We have worked closely over the past few months on a project that resembles closely the staging support you need, given your long distance location in LA and the scope of work required. I’m confident that Caroline is exactly the person you want to assist on this project (besides me, of course).

DH, Agent, December 2015

Thank you for your time yesterday! It was an excellent meeting and just what the seller needs!

KK, Agent, December 2015

P.S. I hope your ears were burning today. XXXX was singing your praises re: the GREAT job you did with her seller on XXXX. She LOVES you! We ALL do!

CC, Agent, December 2015

Thank you! Your team did an amazing job!

JM, Homeowner, December 2015

You may have lots of people wanting you to do their decorating next year - sorry if you are over-booked! But you did such a grand job here I just could NOT not talk about it!!!

CC, Homeowner, December 2015

Truthfully, I feel so spoiled having your services - when so many of my friends are bitching about how long it takes them to decorate - I honestly don't admit that I hire a team to help me. But especially this year- Elena, Liza and Marion were really just the best. They are such nice, nice people and they never stopped working except to eat a quick lunch. Of course, it was such a beautiful day - not like some of those horribly cold days we have had before! Elena is now totally capable of running the show.... she was great. They all were great! I tell my husband that it is such an indulgence but he insists that we continue with Done in a Day and truthfully, it's the best Christmas gift he gives me each year! I am really enjoying the house and the neighbors are all stopping and telling me how pretty the outside looks.

SF, Homeowner, December 2015

It's wonderful! I love all the garlands and lights!! Really lovely job! Thank you!!!

LK, Homeowner, December 2015

I planned to email you today to let you know how much I love the decorations. Driving up and seeing the house was such a pleasure, our fence never looked so good. The interior is simple but elegant. Thank you and keep me on your list. Merry Christmas.

PG, Homeowner, December 2015

We are thrilled. It looks fantastic!!! Thanks!

JR, Homeowner, December 2015

Thanks Caroline - they were great!

MH, Homeowner, December, 2015

They are AMAZING. BEST EVER!! So settled!!!! Pretty much ALL unpacked!!

SQ, Homeowner, December 2015

Since I didn’t see you taking any notes, your accurate recounting of our to do list is even more impressive! Wow! It was a pleasure to meet you and we sincerely appreciate your suggestions. You’ll be pleased to know that we are already moving ahead with a significant number of items on this list. We will be very glad when we can finally sit back and take a breath!

MD, Homeowner, November 2015

They're packing they're amazing. I love your team. I'm going to blog and send mail blast about you.

SQ, Homeowner, November 2015

So sad! Will be hard to cut the cord! I can't say enough about each and every person on your team. They are true gems of people, and I am so grateful for their help. I know the quantity of our stuff still leaves us a little work to do to organize, but they have left me with an incredible foundation to work with and I know we would be sleeping and eating on boxes if it wasn't for all of you! Thank you so, so much. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

KF, Homeowner, November 2015

Thanks to all your direction and your excellent girls.

MK, Homeowner, November 2015

You and your team have done a superb job!

JH, Homeowner, November 2015

Thank you Caroline. What a transformation!

SH, Homeowner, November 2015

You are irreplaceable! Willing and happy to pay for your services :-).

RS, Homeowner, November 2015

I don't know what I would do without your team!

KF, Homeowner, November 2015

Fantastic Summary! You are to be congratulated. We appreciate all of your hard work and you incredible professionalism.

EM, Agent, November 2015

I had lunch with the ‘gang’ today. THEY ALL LOVE YOU. And I did not give away TOO much info but I did tell them how much I ADORE you and they all feel the same. SO. WHENEVER you are having a BAD day or something is going wrong, KNOW that you have ALL OF US THAT LOVE YOU!

CC, Agent, November 2015

Thank you and your team for the great work! We appreciate it!

CW, Homeowner, November 2015

Hi Caroline. What an amazing amount of work in record time! And on behalf of all of us, thank you.

SR, Homeowner,, November 2015

Caroline, thank you for your time, insight, and positive input.

FD, Homeowner, November 2015

We wanted to thank you again for speaking this morning…people listening loved it as did Steve and I and found all the info fun and useful. We think you’re fantastic. And thank you again.

MA, Agent, November 2015

- as always, you are a STAR!

SK, Agent, November 2015

Thank you again – you are truly the best. I do not know how you do all you do and get it all done! Then manage to miraculously think of me while you are in Home Goods! You are a TREASURE!

CC, Agent, November 2015

Thank you for the invoice and thank you so much for all the work you and your assistants did to make this new apartment a happy place for me. It is such a joy now to have a happy and relaxing space to come home to from Baltimore every day.

BL, Homeowner, October 2015

Thank you SO MUCH for coming over today and HELPING me. That was so simply KIND of you and I am truly SO grateful! If there is ever anything that I can do to help you – you just let me know and I will be there.

CC, Agent, October 2015

Hi Caroline, just wanted to let you know that our house is now under contract. The photos turned out great and we had quite a few offers to consider. Thanks very much for your help- we got more than we were hoping for on the price.

KB, Homeowner, October 2015

House looked great. Thanks for another great job!

SM, Agent, October 2015

You guys are the best!

KM, Homeowner, October 2015

You had it all done - it was very funny because they were joking about the 'family' that used to live there before it was staged! You do a great job♥️

NTB, Agent, October 2015

Thank you so much Caroline! Betia and Elena were SO much help.

SH, Homeowner, September 2015

....the house looks so perfect!

AN, Homeowner, September 2015

You're a Rock Star!!!!!!

MM, Agent, September 2015

Caroline! Oh my God your two people were wonderful. Such positive energy and so happy to help.

SH, Homeowner, September 2015

Many, many thanks for all you and your team have done for us. You have made a very monumental and difficult task, very bearable and for that I am most grateful. I will sing your praises to all my friends. You have done an incredible job. WOW is all I can say. Again, thank you. DIAD is the very BEST!

MZ, Homeowner, September 2015

Most ‘peeps’ call you the Tornado J

MM, Agent, September 2015

The good news is that this hurricane always get great results.

VK, September 2015

Dear Caroline and XXXX! So happy that everyone is pleased with Hurricane and her lovely helpers! Think the tree house is special and I am excited to see! Thanks to all!!!

FM, Agent, September 2015

Thanks for the help in getting this done quickly. You are your team seem to have magic wands in your hand. Also want to thank Florence for making the introduction, I don't think I would managed it without your help. Please also thank Betcha, Lisa, and Maggie for me.

VK, Homeowner, September 2015

We had a great day today - Elena and the team were wonderful!

AN, Homeowner, September 2015

We are all so impressed with how terrific your house looks! This is amazing!! Great job, Caroline!

HH, Agent, September 2015

Caroline, Great job!!' The house is fantastic!!!

CJ, Homeowner, September 2015

Anne and I visited the house this evening. We were amazed. You all and DIAD have gotten a lot done!

HH, Agent, August 2015

I did a final walk through today, Sunday. Everything looks great and there is a light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. YEAH! Thank you to Caroline and her team of angels. We simply could not have done this without you. It was a pleasure working with your girls and a mere thank you is not enough. We are immensely grateful.

MZ, Homeowner, August 2015

Your team is fantastic and amazingly efficient and this is from the queen of efficiency/OCD lol.

HJ, Homeowner, August 2015

Caroline, Many thanks, again, for all of your help in getting us moved.

RR, Homeowner, August 2015

You are just the BEST! Many thanks for the peace of mind! I am just a cell call away if you need me!

MZ, Homeowner, August 2015

You were terrific today. There is only one you! Thank you for your beautiful work!

BB, Agent, August 2015

Your team was terrific! I appreciate all of your help in making this move easier. I think we are set for now, but have given your name to a friend. Many, many thanks!

BR, Homeowner, August 2015

I just have to write to thank you so much - we love (!!) the work you guys did in our house. Everyone loving the updates you did! (Steve especially loves his office). A few friends have seen the changes and asked for your name to update their playrooms. Thank you again!!

KM, Homeowner, August 2015

You are too sweet! And, all your cheerleading really keeps me going! I hope you are giving your pompoms a rest by a pool or the beach somewhere beautiful! thank you again for all your help and support!! Xo

LK, Homeowner, August 2015

They were all fantastic and did such a great job! Thanks so much!

KF, Homeowner, July 2015

So happy with how things are shaping up, Caroline. Loving the blue in Jack's bathroom! The whole project is coming together beautifully. Thank you so much! Thank you! Thank you!

KM, Homeowner, July 2015

Thank you for helping make this process run smoothly and my husband happy!

BR, Homeowner, July 2015

Good news---the house sold for an excellent price. Closing is August 14th.

JG, Homeowner, July 2015

I have great respect for the work ethic of your team, they always start first thing in the AM!

SM, Homeowner, July 2015

Thank you for the excellent advice and counsel, Caroline! It is very much appreciated.

BP, Homeowner, July 2015

It is looking good. Wishing I had more of my artwork out of storage for some empty places...but really happy with the way you hung them. Only funny thing is the $100K painting which is our most valuable was hung in the powder room:) Thanks for fitting me in. Feels good to be settled and I am already enjoying:)

JV, Homeowner, July 2015

Thank you for all you did under such a tight time frame to prepare my house. Do hope we get a chance to become friends. You're quite a pip!

KL, Homeowner, July 2015

Thank you so much. I could not have done it without you all!!!

IS, Homeowner, July 2015

Hi Caroline, I know this is such a relief to them! Thank you for being so fun and the most professional person. I know XXX is packing up with you as well. I always tell them you can do anything to make their lives easier!

SK, Agent, July 2015

Talk about 'Done in less than a day!!!'…Thank you

KO, Homeowner, July 2015

House looks very good. Your crew did an excellent job!

RB, Homeowner, June 2015

I just returned from France and stopped by the house yesterday afternoon and it turned out beautifully and looks ready to sell. The carpet is great, the garden beautiful and in general the house looks so much brighter. This is all for the buyer, not for the sellers, because today they all want to start with a clean slate, which is proven by the fact that XXX sold in a day (same carpets but all staged furniture). Those buyers looked at XXX and didn’t like it because it was so seller specific. I’m looking forward to getting the house launched and Caroline did a great job. We are ready to rock and roll as soon as Caroline gets a few little touches taken care of.

CH, Agent, June 2015

Caroline - I loved your team! They were just great. I feel like I'm on my way to sanity. 🙂

MJ, Homeowner, June 2015

Hi All, First off XXXX and I feel like our guardian Angels have sent you into our life. May sound like a bit much but it's true! Thank you for your professional clarity and focus. I wanted you to know I have completed 'blue taping' everything throughout the house. Let us know next steps. We are ready to accommodate your lead and direction!!!

KO, Homeowner, June 2015

We can't begin to explain how pleased we were with Eric, Troy and Mike. They were amazingly efficient patient and did amazing work in far less time than we thought possible. We were done unloading around 1:00 Monday. Giving us time to get to DE in time for dinner! They were here by 7:30 this morning and fully off-loaded by 9:30!

JG, Homeowner, June 2015

Caroline, Your team is wonderful ....always smiling and always working....I wish everyone had their attitude....the world would be a much nicer place...

SF, Homeowner, June 2015

Elena is amazing, and a gem.

SH, Homeowner, May 2015

It was a pleasure to meet you and work with your team. They were outstanding and they helped me very, very much with organizing and disgarding items I simply no longer needed. When you feel trust with a group of people who are all over your home, I feel that is very unusual, yet, they were clean and, very trustworthy. I often wondered how I would ever get through moving contents of my home to another. Now I know. I hope to work with you again once the home is sold.

CB, Homeowner, May 2015

Carrie you said you would help get me started on the journey. You weren't kidding. I had no idea. It is simply stunning! Caroline thank you. You, the ladies, Howard and Al are a 'dream team'. With appreciation to the ‘Carter Girls’

JC, Homeowner, May, 2015

Once again you’ve outdone yourself! WOW! Great job!!! Link above to the virtual tour! Let me know what you think! I think it looks FABULOUS! THANK YOU BOTH for all of your HARD WORK! Simply amazing! Thank you, thank you!

CC, Agent, May 2015

We are getting close to the finish line! Maggie and Lisa have been miracle workers!

SP, Homeowner, May 2015

Fred and I want to thank you for what you did for our house. It sold in 2 weeks. We hate to leave because it's been a wonderful home, but it's time for us to make this change.

AW, Homeowner, May 2015

Caroline, you really are a lifesaver in situations like this. I know that you have seen it all and you know what work is important, that’s what makes you special.

DD, Homeowner, May 2015

Thank you for a wonderful job, so well done. Going through this process has not been easy for me, but your team of people behaved in such a professional and caring way, that it significantly helped lighten the burden.

BD, Homeowner, May 2015

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. You are the best. I cannot thank you enough. What a difference.

DD, Homeowner, May 2015

It all looks clean and sparkling. Thanks to your entire crew!

BD, Homeowner, May 2015

The house looks like a completely different house – I love you, my friend. I so hope you are pleased – we think the photos are stunning Totally, completely awesome - I had two showings yesterday and have yet to put it in the computer You are absolutely the best.

SK, Agent, May 2015

THANK YOU so much. They were great and so very helpful. They definitely got the job done with efficiency and kindness. They are a great team. I have enjoyed speaking to you over the last year and you inspire me! Keep the faith, girl! Wish they had a 'Done in a Day' down in Tampa!

MT, Homeowner, April 2015

It went over full price with two offers.

BR, Agent, April 2015

Hi Caroline – you are magic!!

SK, Agent, April, 2015

The house looks so beautiful! Certainly some of your best work to date. A true master of your craft.

MR, Agent, April 2015

All I have to say is that you literally saved my life. I really cannot thank you or your amazing crew enough. And I promise you, I will call you again and again.

ML, Homeowner, April 2015

Thank you Caroline for all of your hard work and patience. God gave you extraordinary skills and you always just put one foot in front of the other and march forward and get the job done.

EM, Agent, April 2015

Thanks for talking me through the process just now, you and your gang are doing a great job!

RJ, Homeowner, April 2015

House really looks amazing. Thank you. Never ever again will I allow my windows to look like that. The difference is amazing.

JG, Homeowner, April 2015

Caroline, Oak Park looks great inside and out and the staging has made a big difference in the response to the house. No contract yet, but definitely a different vibe to the open house. They also reduced the price a bit. Thank you!

AH, Agent, March 2015

You did an amazing job on the apartment….they received a full price offer this weekend after only a couple of days on the market!

EC, Homeowner, March 2015

Crew did a great, great job today! I was so exhausted when they left that I don’t think I thanked them as effusively as they deserved. You should be very proud.

SH, Homeowner, March 2015

First and foremost, everyone was very impressed with how great the house looked; Caroline we think you and your team did an amazing job! – it really looks Fabulous!

MM, Agent, March 2015

You may have heard the good news from Robert that we are under contact. We are thrilled it happened so quickly and appreciate so much your help getting there.

PR, Homeowner, March 2015

You are a rock star! A complete transformation!!!

MM, Agent, March 2015

We are so happy! Your fabulous ladies left the place looking spotless as usual! So, we may get you all back here for remaining work, but think we need to live with this for a bit. For now it is clean and tidy and organized. You really have such a great team Caroline. Thanks so much. Really feels so great to have your support. It's just about 20 times easier and a marriage saver.

JW, Homeowner, February 2015

On another note, I want to thank you and your crew for all your efforts. Betia especially and the other individuals that worked at our home almost daily were very kind and pleasant individuals.

BB, Homeowner, February 2015

Just came home from California--house looks great. Love the flowers! Caroline, you’re going to have to help us on our new house. 🙂

EE, Homeowner, February 2015

I never list a property before using Caroline’s magic process!

BB, Agent, February 2015

Thank you so much, Caroline. You and your team did an amazing job. We appreciate everything.

PR, Homeowner, February, 2015

Everything is going well, and Liza and Elena are terrific. They are lovely, pleasant women, and we enjoy their company as we pack and gain momentum for the move.

DM, Homeowner, February 2015

Caroline! Very much appreciate your free flowing ideas and imagination and guidance. Look forward to working with you!

LC, Homeowner, February 2015

Hi Caroline! We are feeling so spoiled by all the hard work you did here- everything makes sense and feels great!

AO, Homeowner, February 2015

All I can add is that Caroline's track record is perfect. It will all come together in the end.

MR, Agent, February 2015

You are the bomb!!!! What a gift to come home to such a clean, organized and warm home. Everything looks fantastic and makes sense- love love the kitchen changes, sunroom, basement (!) everything- I really don't know how you do it!?Thank you so much Caroline. Please give the girls and yourself a huge hug from all of us.

AO, Homeowner, February 2015

Caroline is a stager/organizer/house prepper, etc who previous clients have recommended and who is talented in getting the job done! She just helped the seller of this house we just sold in 5 days in Chevy Chase MD: She has a whole list of vetted vendors at her disposal.

RH, Agent, February 2015

I'm exhausted just reading your e-mail! Thank you for performing your magic on Manning!

SM, Agent, February 2015

Glad you connected with Caroline. Many previous clients have recommended her and we've seen her talents lead to amazing home presentations.

RH, Agent, February 2015

Hey Caroline! Didn't want to jinx it before today but we are under contract with a very attractive offer. Robert H. and WFP marketed our house so well by highlighting your beautiful staging with their photography. We had over 100 at the open house in addition to close to 20 serious showings with agent/clients. Three amazing offers over list price. Needless to say we are thrilled. Mostly I am so appreciative of your generous and kind support, even at the beginning, when my house was the poster child for chaos. Our original vision for the house returned with your guidance, and I literally was ready not to sell to anyone after all the work was done. Fortunately we got an offer we couldn't refuse, so we are on to other things. I hope I can reach out to you for assistance wherever we land. All the best to you and your ‘children’

SH, Homeowner, February 2015

I saw a house on Bybrook that you staged. You did a beautiful job and I wasn't sure it was staged or not so that means a lot….You are the expert though and I trust your judgment.

SM, Agent, February 2015

I have enjoyed walking around the house and look forward to the photos that (Agent) will take later this week. I very much appreciate all that you did to ready Dad’s house for sale.

TM, Homeowner, February, 2015

It was wonderful; the ladies did an excellent job! Many thanks!

MM, Designer, February 2015

I am thrilled! It was so helpful to have contractors you know and trust help us with the painting, handyman issues and cleaning. And your staging of every room makes our house feel so airy and light. We will really enjoy our remaining days here. Thank you to Betcha, Al, Eric and Howard, Herbert, RJ, Mark and anyone else I may have left out.Especially thanks to you, Caroline. I had some dark days there, but you kept us on track and always moving forward. I am looking forward to seeing the photographs that will prove your advice works wonders.

SH, Homeowner, February 2015

Thanks Caroline! Bybrook looks AWESOME! Thanks so much for making that happen.I will send you virtual tour by end of week.

CL, Agent, February 2015

Our session with you was incredibly valuable - clarifying, thought-provoking and (even) bracing)! We slept on it for a few days, and have come to the conclusion that we should push this till spring on 2016, since there is nothing forcing us to play these cards, and the ones we must keep on the table are challenging. Our bottom line was why make ourselves more bananas than we already are if there is a way to plan for this in a slightly more orderly fashion. While I totally take your point that the work will expand to fill the available time, this just makes more sense to us right now. But it took us talking through the steps and stages with you to come to terms with that. What we would like to do is get you to come look at the new condo at some point , so you could help us 'game' the pieces to move, etc, which would also begin to prune the stuff out of McLean. We'd also like to line up your sorter/packer team for a few days later this spring or summer. Chewing through some of that process would help position us better for next year. And we'll tackle some of the cosmetic work - the front hall and so forth. The construction at the condo begins in a few weeks, so we should either do that visit pretty soon - or wait a few months. No one wants to walk through a war zone. And of course the side benefit of the whole deal is that we finally met in person! Thanks again for giving us some of your Sunday to help us through this!

BH, Homeowner, February 2015

You are good!

HH, Agent, January 2015

Looking forward to your visit this morning Caroline. Becha (sp?) and RJ are amazing!!! I can breathe now.

SH, Homeowner, January 2015

Many thanks for coming to our home, albeit the second time, and all your professional advice and comments. We truly appreciate the time you took to carefully view the interior of the house and your detailed description of items to be done. Serge and I are in the process of going through your list and accomplishing most if not all of the items listed. Stay warm and thank you again.

HK, Homeowner, January 2015

Thanks for taking the time to meet with us. We really appreciate you fitting us in. I wanted someone with a fresh eye to look at our home and make any necessary suggestions. You were terrific. I appreciate both your candor and your eye for detail. My husband and I have worked our way diligently through your list. In fact I spent all day yesterday priming and painting all the baseboard molding in the living room and dining room. What fun, but it looks much better. I am following all your suggestions and the light bulbs you recommended are fabulous.

LM, Homeowner, January 2015

You must know how much we appreciate the amazing work done by all in getting this accomplished. Should you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me! Cannot believe it is almost over, and your prayer for lost and found worked immediately...do you have a prayer for selling the house I can apply? You have been a consummate professional, as well as a friend! You are the best!

DP, Homeowner, January 2015

I can’t say we are delighted with the bathroom---but then we remind ourselves that the work was not done to please us—but to help sell the house. To that extent—we think the work done was great! We love the way the cabinets came out, the new medicine cabinets and lights, and, particularly the new toilet. The shower doors look good too—

JG, Homeowner, January 2015

They both told me they were very pleased with the way the house looked. I had a very busy open house and many positive comments. Thank you so much again for pulling it together!!!

CC, Agent, January 2015

You and your team were great throughout our moving process and were a necessity for us, with everything we had going on.

AR, January 2015


Love my house – love your team – they are the nicest ladies! XOXO

SF, Homeowner, December 2014

Everything looks beautiful. And your people are sooo nice. Thanks a lot

CL, Homeowner, December 2014

Absolutely love it. Love your team, love all. You all are the BEST!!!! Thank you so much for making our house festive and warm this holiday season. It's magical for all of us. XOXOXO

AR, Homeowner, December 2014


Thank you - everything looks amazing!

JM, Homeowner, December 2014

I literally sighed and burst into tears when I walked in the door. It all looks so lovely! You and the team did a terrific job and I so appreciate the continued effort especially the day after Thanksgiving! Again, many many thanks for all your effort.....and, most of all your patience with a particularly difficult ‘patient!’ I'm overwhelmed, but you guys really do make it all much better!!

LK, Homeowner, November, 2014

They were FABULOUS and just so experienced and so great at pushing me along when I was losing energy. Just what the doctor ordered.

JW, Homeowner, November 2014

Your gals are terrific!

DP, Homeowner, November 2014

Thanks for sending Elena. She is a lovely person and was a great help. All is done!!!

MH, Homeowner, November 2014

You did a fantastic job for us as did your cleaning crew. I've sent you a few referrals but am not sure that any of them followed through. I say this to let you know that I think that you are tops on my list when it comes to a variety of services. When we are ready to buy our next house you shall of course be the first number we call/contact.

KQ, Homeowner, November 2014

Very polite, easy to work with, efficient and needed very little direction. We are very pleased with them.

PB, Homeowner, November 2014

You are the BEST. I cannot possibly tell you how much I appreciate your literally picking me up off the street and coming home with me. I must have really struck you as a crazy person -- which I am at this point, to some extent. Thank you, thank you for calming me down, sharing your time, and offering what I know are your considerable talents.

LB, Homeowner, November 2014

Party was a great success and the living room and dining room worked perfectly. It is a real joy to sit in the library and the family room, to look up to the third floor and see the fabulous window-oriented pix surrounding the big windows, to walk into the garage and find what I need, ditto the basement--altogether a fantastic outcome from my perspective. Early next year, I will want to get you back to do the kitchen and the 2 big closets upstairs, which all need some de-cluttering and reorganizing. But for now, all the spaces that are most visible and used are truly a pleasure to be in. So many many thanks for the intense efforts, and huge thanks to the team--each of whom is lovely, thoughtful, and talented.

SL, Homeowner, November 2014

It was amazing and I couldn't be happier.

AQ, Homeowner, November, 2014

I love it!!!!! Thanks very much-- can't wait to show off your handiwork!

SL, Homeowner, November 2014

Good to see you! Thanks again for all your help and incredible attention to detail!! We need to clone you!!

LK, Homeowner, November 2014

The place looks amazing! I am always I awe of your eye. I don't know how you see what you see. Thank you for dedicating so much time to our house. We (pugs and baby included) are so pleased and grateful.

KC, Homeowner, October 2014

I dropped by the house yesterday afternoon and met your delightful team. All so nice and clearly adept. That master bedroom looked like a different house!! Thanks

DH, Agent, October 2014

Caroline - Thanks as always for your help! I think it made a HUGE difference and I know the (Client) agree. We had five offers!

TG, Agent, October 2014

We are under contract! Settlement is 30 days from yesterday. Still have hoops to get thru on inspection and financing but feel good about the offer. Thanks for the guidance.

JR, Homeowner, October 2014

Thank you very much for mobilizing a team to clean yesterday. It feels so much better in the house, and we were able to move some of the kid’s things over today and know all was clean. Thank you, thank you!! I was fun to see Betia again and nice to meet Luz and RJ, too!

PK, Homeowner, October 2014

Wow. Fantastic. Things look great, but different! Hope it sells fast!

SH, Homeowner, October 2014

Agent tour went great, thanks! People were very complimentary.

TG, Agent, October 2014

Hi Caroline - I drove by this morning and it looks great! … we are ready to get it sold! Thank you! I could not have managed doing the work on the old house, and working on this house as well.

AR, Homeowner, October 2014

You seriously worked some magic there! The house really looks LOVELY. Thanks for always taking such good care of our people.

MW, Agent, September 2014

I think the feedback was really positive! Thanks again for all your work! I think it's pretty much unrecognizable! Thanks Caroline!

PH, Homeowner, September 2014

I think it's fantastic. Ran into several neighbors who said the same thing. I told them to call their friends and encourage them to move into the neighborhood 🙂

DD, Agent, September 2014

Let's get it sold asap and for an exorbitant price!

FS, Homeowner, September 2014

You are amazing Caroline. Thank you so much for your hard work and accurate timetable!

CH, Agent, September 2014

Many thanks to you and your amazing team for helping to make our move so much easier. You are a great leader and wonderful to work with. You have a great sense of style and have transformed our new space into something special. We wish you continued success and much happiness.

SV, Homeowner, September 2014

Full price. Sold. Good job.

SB, Homeowner, September 2014

No offers yet, but we think the house looks as good as it can look! Several folks have come through in open houses and remarked that it looks great, so fingers crossed.

PK, Homeowner, September 2014

Thank you for the wonderful work that you did at our house. You are a true professional and deserve to be paid (duh). We appreciate your offer to comp us, but enclose a check that you certainly earned and deserve.

MC, Homeowner, September 2014

You will never know how deeply grateful I am for your help with my house. Things have been difficult and I have done all of the work by myself until today. Your team was extremely helpful and supportive. I now feel confident that the house is ready and perfect for the right buyer.

MT, Homeowner, September 2014

The house looks just perfect. I know your ‘touch’ thank you so much. Open today and Tuesday. Have had 2 showings already! You are the best!!!!

SK, Agent, September 2014

You just got some seriously high praise, Caroline. I sent pics to my mom in Dallas, and she wants you to come stage her listings in Dallas! Done in a Day satellite office!!!

AD, Homeowner, September 2014

Caroline--Thank you and your wonderful team for your great help and creativity and positive spirit. Warmest,

CV, Homeowner, September 2014

Thank you for the very good clean up job and thank you for coming to the rescue today at the last minute.

JH, Homeowner, September 2014

Thank you Caroline; we appreciate all your and your team's work!

MD, Homeowner, September 2014

To you, Al and Carpet Palace-thank you for making this happen. You are the BEST!!!!

MD, Homeowner, September 2014

Your team is fantastic! Such nice folks and they did amazing work. “Thank you, Caroline! Things are looking very good around here and I appreciate all of your help, your team’s help, and Howard and team as well. Everyone was absolutely so nice and so good at their work!

PK, Homeowner, August 2014

Thanks for your continued help and support

JR, Homeowner, August 2014

Thank you, thank you! For your wise head, your sharp eye, and your great generosity to me. I adore my new apt and while the space and light are it’s strengths, it would not look so beautiful without your design and placement intervention-it is so, so pretty and very comfortable and functional.

CC, Homeowner, August 2014

Thanks so much! I was so pleased and look forward to working with them again in the future.

DC, Homeowner, August 2014

You have an amazing team and you're a great leader.

SV, Homeowner, August 2014

I will never forget how you staged and helped sell my town house on Duffer Way in Montgomery Village 2006. I sold it for $435,000, the highest priced sale in the subdivision...even since!! We used the profits to by a large 5,000 sq ft single family home in Goshen Estates where I have now resided with my family for about 10 years. We love it and will always have a place of gratitude in our hearts toward you and what you did for us.

MB, Homeowner, August 2014

Caroline - a belated thanks for this proposal. As you probably gathered - I just jumped into action and tried to do it myself for this phase. I did want to let you know that I plan on calling you when we actually move. I admire the work you've done and know I could really use your help then! I also wanted you to know I recommended you to my dear friend xxxx and her son - both may be doing projects of differing kinds soon that I know you and your team would be incredibly helpful for-I hope we speak soon! Thanks again!

ML, Homeowner, July 2014

It was soooo great! thank you! THANK YOU!!

AB, Homeowner, July 2014

Caroline, your team was invaluable. Thank you for coming to our rescue, especially at such short notice! I had hit a wall at 9 months pregnant with the unpacking and feel so thankful and relieved to have all the boxes emptied and out of my house before the baby arrives.

JF, Homeowner, July 2014

Thanks, Caroline. Your email brought tears to my eyes… You are truly a guardian angel! With gratitude.

JR, Homeowner, July 2014

You have the best team! Truly. Thank you!

KD, Homeowner, July 2014

We are loving our house. - it looks great and everyone ‘fits’….

KS, Homeowner, July 2014

Yikes! I could not have done this move without the girls - especially Maggie. THANK YOU

KD, Homeowner, July 2014

Great girls.. great help..

JA, Homeowner, July 2014

Everybody knows you! Mentioned just Done in a Day to Derry Haws, and she said Caroline Carter!

SM, Homeowner, June 2014

Great job by all!

RK, Homeowner, June 2014

Thank you Caroline. You always do an Amazing Job!!!!!! You are our best weapon in getting houses Sold. Thank you.

EM, Agent, June 2014

Sorry I missed you today Caroline. Betia and Mark were great. Al's team did a great job too!! You guys made this move easy on us. Thank you again!

KA, Homeowner, June 2014

And thank you for taking the edge off my panic.

CB, Homeowner, June 2014

WFP had an Open House for my apartment on May 18th and I had a contract offer, full price and no contingencies, on Friday morning May 23. I attribute that quick, clean sale to WFP agents, Ellen and Whitney, and of course you for your excellent staging advise. Now I am totally focused on looking for an apartment to rent and once found, I would be so happy if you would help me arrange the furniture, etc. Many thanks for your wise counsel.

CC, Homeowner, May 2014

Maggie and Lisa are awesome Thank you!!!I cannot get around but I believe they are done and I am confident that they did a great job!

LC, Homeowner, May 2014

And just to let you know our house sold on Tuesday so I think everything we did was very worthwhile!

LG, Homeowner, May 2014

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! The house looks fabulous - Al is the sweetest guy on EARTH and so is Herbert. I've thanked them over and over every time I have seen them but please let them know how much I appreciate all they have done - and I hope you know how much I appreciate you!

CC, Agent, May 2014

Thanks, Caroline. You and your team did a fabulous job getting our house ready to put on the market. As I mentioned, our house has never looked better! I'm sure we will use you on other projects in our new house as well.

LG, Homeowner, May 2014

Just to say thank you for a great job on Upton! What a response we have had ..... 50 groups on Sat. and Sun.!!!!

FM, Agent, May 2014

You are doing an AMAZING job and I LOVE YOU and all of your guys! Thanks for putting up with all of this and see you tomorrow!

CC, Agent, May 2014

I wanted to let you know that we put our house on the market last Monday and had it on contract last night!!! A total of 6 days on the market with multiple offers and we got over our list price. Wanted to thank you and your team for helping make this possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!’

KA, May, 2014

Your crew is a living breathing machine! And all so lovely to boot. We feel in great hands, thank you.

CS, Homeowner, May 2014

I think Betcha and Elena did a great job today. Eric is still hard at work on the garage--long day for him. What a good guy! He has just done a fabulous job, as has everyone else on your team. BTW, the hardwood floors look sensational!

CH, Homeowner, May 2014

Caroline, I have to tell you that I had dinner last night with CC, and she told me all about the magic you worked at her apartment. She is very pleased with the way it looks, so fresh and different in a way that is inspiring and delightful to her. She was fascinated at the way you came in and saw the possibilities immediately, and put them in place. Another satisfied client!

MR, Homeowner, May 2014

I think you are wonderful and totally trust everything you do!

AK, Agent, May 2014

Caroline performed her MAGIC; the apartment is stunning and I am absolutely thrilled!!!! I can’t wait for you to see it

CC, Homeowner, May 2014

I apologize for not writing sooner. Life has been crazy. I wanted to thank you and your fabulous staff for another incredible job! On the shortest of notice you helped me get our house ready to sell in less than a week! I called on Tuesday, you came on Thursday, you started on Friday, you finished on Tuesday and the house was on the market on Friday. The last time you helped us put our house on the market it sold in the worst market EVER in about 40 days and this time we were under contract in 6 days!!!!! No open house needed 🙂 Again, you and your staff are THE BEST and worth every penny! Thanks again and please say hi to everyone for me!

GP, Homeowner, May 2014

The house looked great!! I used your window washers today, they are great!! Thanks for everything! You are the best!

JW, Agent, April 2014

Overall, the staging and cleaning was terrific. I was hugely impressed with your professionalism and passion and am thrilled to have you do my staging. My very best to you and your team.

MH, Homeowner, April 2014

Thank you Caroline. Great job/ great crew. . I would like to use you to do final pack and then unpack on the other end.

JS, Homeowner, April 2014

We had a realtor walk through, and they really liked the house. Thank you for all your advice. I think we got most of your ideas incorporated into the final project. I'll let you know how it goes. Everything we did with you was well worth it.

KE, Homeowner, April 2014

I can’t thank you enough for getting us through this. It was a pleasure to work with you and I am so glad to know you. Hope to see you again soon in another context.

RS, Homeowner, April 2014

THANK YOU Very MUCH for the Staging job on Reservoir Road. Unbelievable !!

EM, Agent, April 2014

Thank you and Al for a job well done. Now it is up to (the agents). It was a pleasure to work with you.

RS, April 2014

Thanks, Caroline. You and your crew did an amazing job. Your crews helped transformed our house into an absolutely beautiful show place! I still can't believe this is the same house... and that you utilized all of our existing artwork and furniture is remarkable! Thank you, thank you!

JR, Homeowner, April 2014

Caroline’s crew did an amazing job, which I’m sure is no surprise to those of you who’ve worked with her.

VG. Homeowner, April 2014

Caroline, thank you for your warm and encouraging message. It's been an awful six months in many ways, but stimulating, too. This apartment is exactly what I wanted for a calm year in which to collect myself and my thoughts about something permanent. I could not have managed all this without you and Maggie and Liza, Howard and his crew, and Al's men. I am very grateful to all of you.

MR, Homeowner, March 2014

Thank you! You and your team are the BEST! Couldn’t have done it without you!

GP, Homeowner, March 2014

Good open, only 5 groups came through—one with real interest. Everyone had incredible things to say about the unit—always impressed with your “eye” and loved the bathroom update!

WH, Agent, March 2014

Very best wishes, and a million thanks for an excellent job.

PS, Homeowner, March 2014

You were fabulous!

SK, Agent, March 2014

WOW! You guys are doing a great job!! And fast too!

EU, Homeowner, March 2014

I just wanted to email you because I ran in to Elizabeth (Powell) and we had a serious and long love fest about you:) MAJOR difference between their home and our's (!) but you made the move such a positive and non-stressed experience. Just wanted to let you know how great you are. I hope you and the girls are doing well and we get to see you soon!!

AO, Homeowner, March 2014

LOVE K MART! Yes go for it. You are unreal!!! We can't thank you enough for making our home look amazing. I don't know how you do it. Ohhhhh myyyyy goshh you are amazing!!! House looks so great! You are unreal. Thank you so much for all your help! I could not have done this if I was paid a million dollars !!!

KE, Homeowner, March 2014

All the folks on your team did a great job! I will recommend you all highly.

EG, Homeowner, March 2014

Definitely happy with services! The girls were terrific and it feels SO GOOD to have stuff on the walls. Really feeling settled. Girls LOVE their rooms!! Thank you! Thank you!

GL, Homeowner, February 2014

We liked the work that you did. I was skeptical at first but not anymore. Now let's see if we can sell the house for $$$$$$'s.

RW, Homeowner, February 2014

Many thanks and the house looks terrific! Everyone is pleased and we have a second showing to someone who saw it “before Caroline” on Saturday.

CH, Agent, February 2014

Caroline - Thank you so much for coming to Nebraska! While I don't think she is going to go ahead an hire you, it was very helpful for her to hear. Sometimes it's easier than others, but thank you so much! xo!

MW, Agent, February 2014

The girls are doing a great job! Thank you so much!!!! Everything looks terrific. I'll snap some pictures and text them to you!

GL, Homeowner, February 2014

We need YOU AND the team! Do you have any openings for your amazing team to come help me organize stuff, hang pictures, do bookshelves, ORGANIZE GARAGE? HOPE YOU ARE DOING WELL!!

KE, Homeowner, February 2014

Thanks Caroline. It was a pleasure working w/your fab team, as usual! Thanks again!! See you closer to the move re: getting all to new house and put away. Can't imagine doing that work w/out you all!

AR, Homeowner, February 2014

Wow, wow, wow the house really looks great!!!! What a difference the new bathrooms make. They look fantastic. New Bathrooms they make such a difference!! Thank you so much for doing the bathrooms it was not easy on your family

EM, Agent, February 2014

Fantastic work- thank you so much! I wanted to share some of the best shots of this afternoon’s photo session. I think they turned out great! It's a tremendous difference compared to how the house was presented before.

JM, Agent, February, 2014

Fantastic. The house looks amazing inside. Caroline Carter is coming to do final magic tomorrow.

AR, Homeowner, February 2014

Caroline did a phenomenal job. Looks like a totally different house. It is ready for pics and putting on the market any time. The sooner the better while the kids are gone! Thanks for recommending her!

JV, Homeowner, February 2014

My level of anxiety dropped dramatically after talking with you. Thanks for everything.

SV, Homeowner, January 2014

The pleasure was truly mine. I cannot thank you enough. My husband is supportive of the playroom idea. We welcome Al when he is available! Please know my gratitude for your generosity of time and talent.

MK, Homeowner, January 2014

Our comfort level has gone up significantly with you in charge of our move.

CV, Homeowner, January 2014

Thank you so much for your help! The second pair of eyes were an unbelievable help!

MK, Homeowner, January 2014

Thank you Al. Your team has done really fantastic work. The best painting and bathroom work, and fast too, that I have seen around the DC area.

AR, Homeowner, January 2014

We agree with Anne that you both reached the overall objective. Thanks for your help! Now it’s our turn to get the unit sold!!

WM, Agent, January 2014

This is such an excellent and comprehensive analysis of the scope of what should be done. Thank you so much.

SK, Agent, January 2014

I do think we reached a ‘mind meld’ on both the overall objective and the room-by-room arrangements and implementation. You made a real difference and expanded my thinking. I also want to commend the members of your team. I've spoken with Mr. Florez and complimented Nectali and his crew for the quality of painting in the kitchen, bedroom, and master bath, including their attention to detail and overall professionalism. Your V Street movers brought good spirit and careful handling to the furniture maneuvers and offered their own pertinent observations.

AK, Homeowner, January 2014


Your ladies are amazing! Such a pleasure to have them working with us today.

LSR, Homeowner, December 2013

The apartment looks fabulous!! I am so glad they agreed to moving the sofas - so much better and so much more inviting. You are the best-Thank you, thank you

SK, Agent, December 2013

I was ‘singing your praises’ to a friend who is a realtor and she wanted your information. …Give my best to ‘the girls’! They are amazing!

AC, Homeowner, December 2013

Great job Caroline and we enjoyed working with your team

AH, Homeowner, December 2013

The house looks absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you so much!

JM, Homeowner, December 2013

The apartment is perfect! With many, many thanks for all your talented designs and arrangements at Indian Lane and at the Somerset House and for all your hard work!

BL, Homeowner, December 2013

They did an amazing job. I walked in late last night and the place looked great. Thanks very much.

KH, Homeowner, December 2013

As always they were wonderful.

AG, Homeowner, December 2013

You’are awesome!!

SK, Agent, December 2013

Love Love Love!! My husband was so surprised and thrilled when he came back from a business trip!! Couldn't be more pleased!!

SL, Homeowner, December 2013

Caroline-You are SO talented and a really great shopper. Love the special touches! I plan to use many of your ideas and new merchandise at our new home.

AC, Homeowner, December 2013

You all are the BEST!! Loved chatting with you yesterday, too. Thank you for ALL you give and share

SC, Homeowner, December 2013

Hi Caroline! It looks fantastic!

AR, Homeowner, December 2013

The move went very well thanks to your wonderful team. Howard and his crew did a great job. They were real professionals and moved everything with care. An added bonus was that they were a pleasure to work with and have in my home. Liza, Maggie, and their crew were also professionals and did a truly amazing job. We would be living in boxes for months if it weren't for them. I really enjoyed working with them and look forward to working with them again in the future. We will definitely recommend your team to friends and family who need your services.

LK, Homeowner, November 2013

Caroline, You have an awesome team....we love what you have done for us. You’re worth EVERY PENNY!

SF, Homeowner, November 2013

I am very grateful for all your help, and while the house looks very different to me, I can see its broader appeal, which is exactly the point. You have a great eye, your crew is terrific, and I thank you very much

MR, Homeowner, October 2013

I couldn't have been more pleased with my results. The girls love their craft space, my husband loves the wine room and I LOVE having my laundry room back!! Magie and Elena are pros! Adore. It was truly money well spent. What a great business! Wishing you continued success. I know why everybody loves you!

SL, Homeowner, October 2013

Thank you, Caroline! I think you would be impressed 🙂

SB, Homeowner, October 2013

At long last, there comes a consultant who over performs and comes in under budget.

CV, Homeowner, October 2013

Everything is looking great! We are so excited and cannot believe how much progress has been made in a day! We cannot wait to get home tonight and see how everything looks. Thank you again – truly, life-changing for us.

JY, Homeowner, October 2013

My husband and I cannot thank you enough for helping us get our home ready to sell. You are a genius for many reasons. You are incredibly talented, have an amazing work ethic (and stamina) and have hired an extraordinary staff. Even though it was something akin to the Invasion of Normandy at 5015 this past week, you and your staff carried on and did the impossible. We look forward to working with you and your group during our move to Westover Place.

SV & CV, Homeowners, October 2013

I love working with you Caroline.

MR, Agent, September 2013

Thanks for your team's hard work. The place looks great!

LK, Homeowner, September 2013

Caroline, The girls did a great job - the lists they left will be helpful when I need things in the new house Thanks for being here this week - nice to work with your team again - they are very professional and pleasant.

KS, Homeowner, September 2013

You’re amazing!!!!!” …”Caroline will move very quickly and I do think this will really make a difference. By the way--Caroline is well known in our industry and has a solid reputation.

MM, Agent, September 2013

House looks so great-you did a fantastic job!

EM, Agent, September 2013

Yes!!! And it was worth every penny!! I could never have done it without you all!!!

EP, Homeowner, August 2013

The new owners of our old Street house are currently doing their walk through and, God willing, as of tomorrow morning--this marathon of a move--will finally be over. Caroline, I could have never run this race without you and your team. You must know my gratitude to you--and to them, Betia and Magie especially, for getting me through it. There were moments when I was totally and completely overwhelmed and I would look across the room at them and they would give me a ‘we'll get it all done’ look....and my momentary panic would wash away. Your service almost feels like one of a religious matter--as you help people get through a most difficult time--granted the end game is a joyous one--it is a giant endeavor. Thank you for being there for me and being a word of encouragement all the way. I am devoted to you and Howard forever....I mean it. xoxo

EP, Homeowner, August 2013

I loved working with your team. Trying to think of more jobs to get Betia and Maggie back here--we love having them with us!

JK, Homeowner, August 2013

Thank you so much for a great job beautifully done! We love everything you created and the floral arrangements throughout the house are gorgeous!

CL & BL, Homeowners, August 2013

I would be happy to provide a glowing reference! You and your team saved my life and I am thrilled that my home sold last week! Have them contact me as I could not say enough GREAT things about you and Howard, as well!

CS, Homeowner, August 2013

I'm still standing...but barely! I would be six feet under if it weren't for your crew. They are simply invaluable! Love that they call you, Mother. It is so perfect!! Xxxoo

EP, Homeowner, August 2013

We're looking forward to seeing you Monday morning and are very happy to have your wisdom and guidance to prepare our house for sale.

BL, Homeowner, August 2013

You are just awesome. I am so, so happy to have you as my friend and I trust everything you say!!

SK, Agent, August 2013

Yes and yes!!! Your team is AMAZING!!! Cannot thank you enough!

KE, Homeowner, August 2013

Caroline, so great to see you. Truly. Mary Poppins but better.

LL, Homeowner, July 2013

Thank you. They did a great job! Steve is still marveling at the organization in his closet, thanks to Mark.

SH, Homeowner, July 2013

Thanks. I hope u walk around feeling like a knight on a big white horse in shining armor. Bcuz u r!

LL, Homeowner, June 2013

Thank you for your help-we could NOT have made this move without your expert and professional guidance and hard work.

JSF, Homeowner, June 2013

Thank you for a superb job!...Tell the girls I have not forgotten them!

MD, Homeowner, June 2013

I can't begin to thank you and your crew enough. Everyone was wonderful. Great hard workers. Don't know how you all do it!!

PF, Homeowner, June 2013

How fortunate for us that you took us under your wing! That wedding celebration was your creation from beginning to end and it was pure magic. You are amazing at what you do. I am so very grateful. Much love

JP, Homeowner, June 2013

Thanks so much, Caroline. All went very smoothly on this end as well. You and your team were magnificent. Eric was delightful. All of you are the best!

EN, Homeowner, June 2013

Caroline - we couldn't quite make it to the open house on Grafton today, we had three offers and it sold for 100,000+ over the asking price, 1,905,000! Needless to say, the Clients are thrilled, as are we.

You are wonderful!!! Xoxo

MW, Agent, June 2013

Thanks again for all your help!It was nice working with your staff.

EW, Homeowner, May 2013

Love the way you decorated my house with my things. It looks terrific. I kept walking around in awe. Can't wait for you to tackle my 2 beach houses!

PF, Homeowner, May 2013

I signed a contract last night!! I am so elated. I am forever indebted to you. Hope we can celebrate together!

AO, Homeowner, May 2013

We are so appreciative of all your help. The team was so wonderful and we were SO sad to see the girls leave yesterday!

AB, Homeowner, May 2013

Thank you for all your hard work. Thanks again, the house looks great. I am told there was a lot of positive feedback from the realtor tour today, but you must be accustom to hearing this after you have waved your magic wand on so many houses….we hope to work with you in the future - on decorating our home, holiday decor, etc. I really enjoyed working with you!

CH, Homeowner, May 2013

I am at the house now - it looks fantastic - night and day from when I last saw it. The staging really gave it a fresh look!

NTB, Agent, May 2013

Caroline, thanks so much! We are soooooo impressed with you and your team! Amazing!!! We need you again at the new house!! I think ours will sell fast thanks to your touch.

KE, Homeowner, May 2013

We closed on 4050 yesterday. Hooray. Thanks again for your counsel. We followed your advice -- and, I think that was instrumental. I think the place showed very well. You won a friend on this one, Caroline. I take a long view on biz relationships. You can bet that we'll talk up your services and use call you next time we're selling.

KH, Homeowner, May 2013

Spectacular, you are a genius!

AO, Homeowner, May 2013

Absolutely gorgeous-move in ready! Thank you so much.

SK, Agent, May 2013

You did a wonderful job on the house. You have a real talent to pull things together so quickly using our own things. I wish John and Ian could see it as well. Thank you for all your good work. I know it was not easy.

MM, Homeowner, May 2013

Thanks Caroline! We are so amazed by the staging . You have a great eye!!!

KE, Homeowner, April 2013

The family LOVED you and your packers, as always happens!!

JW, Agent, April 2013

It was so great seeing you today...and having you meet (new baby) Again, I really can't explain how much you both logistically and mentally helped us welcome out new little man stress free. We (and the kids in particular) are so grateful to you and the girls for sorting through the chaos and we even got an office out of it. So thanks 🙂

AO, Homeowner, April 2013

You both were just wonderful to work with and I sing your praises every chance I get!

FM, Agent, April 2013

We are THRILLED with the work. Come see!!

AR, Homeowner, April 2013

What a spectacular job you did in transforming our home into a show place! The invoice is fine and we are an utterly satisfied client. Thanks to you and the ‘girls’ for all the hard work and for being a joy to work with during every phase of the project.

MD, Homeowner, April 2013

House is looking beautiful !!! Need your help in the new house! You have an amazing eye !

KE, Homeowner, April 2013

Hi Caroline, I spend the entire day with the (client’s) and they LOVE you. (Daughter’s name), the 6 year old, does the most hysterical imitation of you and your energetic comments. You have to get her to do it. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH

SK, Agent, April 2013

I have to sit down-my heart is pounding. Amazing!!! Great job you two!!

DH, Agent, April 2013

This is VERY exciting. Caroline is amazing.

AO, Homeowner, April 2013

Wow that's great Caroline. Thank you for working wonders!

EB, Homeowner, April 2013

WOW, I’d buy this house-looks great! I'd say a $10M house!!

PF, Homeowner, April 2013

I am just coming up for air getting everything ready to launch. The house looks amazing and the response phenomenal!!! The president of our company came out for a private tour and said this is a true WFP listing perfect in every way!” So many thanks to you all!

SM, Agent, April 2013

From what I'm hearing and the few pictures that I've seen, you and your crew have done a marvelous job containing my junk and fixing the house so that it is market ready. My many thanks. Miss you all and loved working with you and your great crew.

PF, Homeowner, April 2013

Caroline, you are absolutely awesome and THE perfect fit for my client - she is one busy lady and completely absorbed elsewhere. I knew it would be a ‘match made in heaven’- thank you sooooo much!

SK, Agent, April 2013

We wanted to go on record about the job Done in a Day performed for us. It far exceeded expectations and I cannot imagine it being better. Your people were so diligent and thorough. They arrived at 7:56 am and worked until done. Nothing was broken. The items to be sent on to a new dwelling were organized, boxed, bagged, etc. and labeled. Howard and his crew were equally effective. Everyone involved in this 3 week process was just simply nice. Thank you. I cannot imagine how we would have done this without you.

GK and BK, Homeowners, March 2013

Caroline -- the house looks spectacular -- we are speechless.

PR, Homeowner, March 2013

Caroline, another thank you from me. You transformed that house! You and your family of workers worked so so hard getting that house ready for the market and then it sold the first day!!!! I hope you and the children have a wonderful Spring Vacation, you deserve this and more!

EM, Agent, March 2013

Simply amazing! – I want this to be added to our presentation of our listing – this may be the best VT I have seen! This now is the new “poster boy” for how a how should look for sale! Outstanding work (Team Assistant)! And to Caroline’s team – thank you!

MM, Agent, March 2013

Wow! This really looks so beautiful!! Thanks so much to everyone, but especially to Miss Caroline and her hard-working, fabulous team!! xoxo

LK, Homeowner, March 2013

Thanks Caroline. We've really enjoyed working with you--amazing to see what you and your team can do in such a short time! Good thing we didn’t see this VT a month or two ago. We never would have moved out of THAT house. Great job.

JK, Homeowner, March 2013

Well Fulton Street looks amazing! We went today (the Agents and me) and were overwhelmed with the progress that Caroline and crew have made! It really is wonderful – the garden in the back – exterior both front and back – flowers blooming, etc. Do you all want to move back?

FM, Agent, March 2013

Really looking good! – the “hot mama” of the week! J

MM, Agent, March 2013

Thanks so much for update and all the great work to get Fulton ready on time. It's quite an impressive operation!

JK, Homeowner, March 2013

Thanks Caroline! Fulton looks great! I know you'll have it as close to perfection as possible by Wednesday, which is a miracle! I thought the landscaping out front looked especially nice -- made me wish we had removed those silly holly bushes much sooner. Wonderful work!

LK, Homeowner, March 2013

We had a lot of success with your team. They saved me! Thank you for working us in!!!!!

EH, Homeowner, February 2013

Caroline - You and Howard did it! We are all moved in and almost all unpacked! Elena and Lori were absolutely magnificent. I am so grateful. We only have a few more boxes left so feel I am all set and don't need the team on Monday. But will call you in 18 months when we get to do it all again! Until then I am just going to enjoy it.

TW, Homeowner, February 2013

Dearest Brilliant One - You are amazing!!! I've been struggling for weeks with so many questions about the condo, not the least of which was where to put the damned TV. And in one phone call to you...without you even having the benefit of taking a few minutes to get a feel for the place..out comes PEARLS OF BRILLIANCE! I knew if anyone could figure this out, it would be you. But even I was amazed at the speed of your response, the imaginative ideas you had and how quickly you understood everything that I am trying to do in the place.Thank you so much!xoxo

SH, Homeowner, February 2013

One word. AMAZING!!!!!.

MM, Agent, February 2013

Caroline-You're what I affectionately call a ‘trained killer’ ... my highest compliment in business. Trust me, I won't forget you .

KH, Homeowner, February 2013

Thank you Caroline!!! The house looks amazing. I truly enjoyed working with your ‘children’.

TG, Homeowner, February 2013

Wow you and your team have done an AMAZING job!!!!!! You are a miracle worker! We should have had you decorate years ago!!!!! It looks fantastic. We are so grateful-watch out-it looks so nice, we may decide to move back in! 🙂

EN and GN, Homeowner, February 2013

Isn't Caroline just wonderful! You don't have to worry about a thing.

PA, Agent, February 2013

The first open and showings went well. We accepted an offer this past Tuesday with a 3 week close!

PB, Homeowner, February 2013

Thank you for your work- everything looks great!

EM, Homeowner, January 2013

Caroline added value yesterday. I thought her perspective was very balanced. I expected a ditzy free-spending designer (sorry) ... she certainly is neither of those things. I hope the stagers are as keen-eyed and practical as Caroline.

KH, Homeowner, January 2013

thank you, wonder women. You are the best!

JC, Homeowner, January 2013

Thank you so much for your visit, your time, and your most welcome advice. It certainly pleases us that an expert like you thinks the house stands up so well architecturally. We will follow your advice about getting the house in good shape and will use some of the people you suggested.I hope our paths cross in the future but meanwhile, all the best from Dan and me—

KM and DM, January 2013

Thanks, Caroline. We really appreciate your involvement and wise counsel and look forward to meeting (xxx) tomorrow. The ladies are both notably more relaxed with your being involved.

AP, Homeowner, January 2013

You both are magnificent!!!!!!I cannot thank you enough!!!!!

EN, Homeowner, January 2013

Just want to thank you so much for recommending Al. His team arrived this morning, finished everything perfectly and were out the door by 4. We can't even smell that the rooms were painted today. Amazing!

KM, Homeowner, January 2013

You and the girls are the stars. It looked great.

BR, Agent, January 2013

Thank you for your work-everything looks great!

EM, Homeowner, January 2013

Every city has a woman like you, Caroline – and thank God!

LH, Homeowner, January 2013

Yes, yes, and yes!!!!! I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel ...Thank you so much for everything!!!

AC, Homeowner, January 2013

Just a brief note to thank you for all your assistance with this project

CC, NYU Purchasing, January 2013

Thanks girls, you are an awesome team and we are so lucky to have you!

DS, Homeowner, January 2013

WOW, the New York Times.... That paper will get in hands of investors all over the world, too..GREAT GET! Do you get reprints (or make your own) to hand out at future open houses to potential home buyers or tell them at showings about all the buzz and press we are getting due to the uniqueness of the home...

CS, Homeowner, January 2013


Thank you so much for a wonderful presentation today. You are amazing and I can see why people hire you to get things done!!! I was so impressed with your knowledge but also your energy and enthusiasm. The ladies all loved it...especially the part about the types of greens and building the urn! You were so sweet to our oldest resident. She is 96, still drives and is on several boards.....I can't even believe she still worries about decorating! Anyway, thanks again and I hope to hire you one day!!! I loved the bow-making lesson!! Everyone did!!

MS, Garden Club, December 2012

Oh yes! Loved it all... Especially your team. I have told so many friends about you. You'll have to start decorating in nov. next year you'll have do many people asking you!Thanks so much.

AR, Homeowner, December 2012

Caroline – WOW wow WOW is all I can say. Total transformation! Great job!!!

MG, Homeowner, November 2012

Looks so fantastic!!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Oxoxo

SC, Homeowner November 2012

The (client) house looks fantastic. Thank you very much for the incredible job you did on the (client) house. I could not believe how you pulled everything together. You used so many great things from (clients) past history and combined it with an up to date 'Ralph Lauren' look on the third floor. (Client)was very pleased with all of the things that you do that cannot be seen but were done by you and your team which said were so professional and talented. Thank you for everything!

EM, Agent, November 2012

Caroline - Thank you for the project management of this relocation. There were several phases to this project all needing scheduling, availability, etc.

CC, Relocation Specialist, November 2012

Caroline, I was very pleased with the results and thank you and your three gentle ladies for your reorganizational efforts. Housekeeper and I both learned a lot from watching you work, and our goal is to keep things organized

LK, Homeowner, November 2012


SR & RR, Homeowners, November 2012

Caroline: Just want to send you a quick note to say what a great job you did on (the agents) listing on Wyoming. That is a real before and after transformation! The Sellers must be very pleased. However, if the first time Buyers see the house is the tour -- they should really want to see it. Great job!

MW, Agent, November 2012

Wow! Amazing job, Caroline. Thank you so much.

KS, Homeowner, November 2012

Wow we are sooo impressed with the job you, the agent and your teams are doing! Exciting..You and your team did a MAGNIFICENT job and we are thrilled with the pictures and how it is going so far. You did a great job of keeping the costs down esp including mailing and moving all of Kate's stuff! We are happy to give you a super reference. Your service exceeded our expectations BIG TIME..............

CS, Homeowner, November 2012

It looks great! I think the sellers will be shocked when they see the photos!

TG, Agent, November 2012

Many compliments on the house!

MG, Homeowner, November 2012

Could not have done it without U! Thank you for everything and the house looks wonderful ! I only hope I can keep the beautiful orchids alive.

LC, Homeowner, October 2012

Thanks Caroline. Worth every penny and then some! I have been telling everyone about you...We could never have made the house look so great without you. Thank you.

BS, Homeowner, October 2012

I just returned from the house. It does look great. Thank you again!! You are the best!

CC, Agent, October 2012

Excellent job!

HP, Homeowner, October 2012

Caroline, thanks so much for everything. The house looks wonderful and we will call on you when we get to the 2nd floor.

AM, Homeowner, October 2012

Very professional and a great job. Thank you SO much.

SM, Agent, October 2012

The ‘Girls’ are amazing and doing a wonderful job!

SF, Homeowner, October 2012

Thank you so much for making time for me today. You have no idea how encouraged I feel. You are terrific.

BS, Homeowner, October 2012

You were fabulous, really fabulous - thank you.

BA, Agent, October 2012

THANK YOU for all your expert help. You will have to come drink a glass of champagne with us when it sells. 😉

BR, Homeowner, September 2012

The house looks amazing! Thanks you. Pictures are at 1:00! Come by and see all your efforts if you get a minute.

KH, Homeowner, September 2012

The house looks AMAZING thanks to you! Thank you very much!

BR, Homeowner, September 2012

(Client's) house ‘blew me away!’. So fabulous. Will e-mail you the Virtual Tour.

SM, Agent, September 2012

Thank you for the great work you and your team provided. The house looks great and Karla and I are feeling good about our prospects for selling the house during the fall market.

RC and KU, Homeowners, September 2012

I am happy to hear that you and Karla are pleased; we knew you would be - Caroline and her team do excellent work and add real value - now on with the ‘Show’ as they say!It's like a Broadway show that had a make over - look at Spider Man!

MM, Agent, September 2012

It's amazing to me that the house looks like it does AND you were under budget. It did take a village! We'd never be ready to go without you and your team and Jim's parents. Tim was really happy with the way the house looked and I hope the photos turned out great.

MG, Homeowner, September 2012

Thank you so much for all the help and guidance you have provided during this time of major transition for our family. I am so grateful for and impressed by all you helped achieve! What a difference from four days ago!!

KC, Homeowner, August 2012

Wow, the house looks amazing! Fantastic. You all did an amazing job in four days!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!!! Sorry I will not be able to see it till Monday

EM, Agent, August 2012


You did the most wonderful job on Lowell Street. It looks just amazing and the seller is so pleased!! Thank you for everything you did for her. we had our first showing today and the couple LOVED IT!!! Thank you so much for making it perfect. I think you are worth every penny!! The house is fabulous and you are just amazing. It is exactly as you said it would be.The house is so pretty and the flowers – gorgeous!! Because of you, the pricing went from $2.9 - $4 – we settled on $3,150,000. Thank you so much, Caroline

SK, Agent, July 2012

I have not had a chance to congratulate you on your superb work. Bravo! It really looked terrific! Opens were great. Saturday very slow, but Sunday was a steady stream. I am more grateful to you that you will ever know!!

BB, Agent, July 2012

Thank you mother AGNES for all of your windsprint action on this job! You are truly a miracle! Thank you

EM, Agent, July 2012

Thank you so much for all you and your team did. I will very much want to get on your calendar to move us back in and unpack in the fall!

AM, Homeowner, July 2012

Hi Caroline -- I'm just leaving the house after a photo shoot and it looked great. I know the sellers were very pleased, too. Thanks so much for all your good work.

AH, Agent, June 2012

The crew is almost done. The house looks lovely and so very clean. It has been an exhausting process for all of us, but well worth it. I sure hope that prospective buyers jump at the chance to live here -- I know I'm going to miss this house and garden. The house looks great-we could not have done it without you. Thanks for everything.

RL, Homeowner, June 2012

The open house went very well-around 20 people with a mixture of neighbors and buyers. A fellow agent had a listing further down the road and only had 2 people. So, I think we did well. The house looked terrific and we had lots of good feedback on that aspect of it which I conveyed to the sellers. I know that they could not have done this without your help.

JC, Agent, June 2012

The girls were incredible-we were amazed by how quickly they unpacked practically all of the boxes!

MM, Homeowner, June 2012

Caroline, you are a gem! There is no way we would have survived all this without you. Your help, contacts and sanity were invaluable. Let me know when you can come over and I'll mix up the margarita's!

LB, Homeowner, June 2012

I am very pleased with the basement. It is my dream come true! We will have to have a few scavenger hunts here and there as we look for things, but I know it will be better once we find them. It already happened on Sunday when we found a little bag of extra undercounter lightbulbs we'd been looking for for months in, of all places, one of the lightbulb bins you created for us. Voila! A new way of living thanks to you. Thanks again to your whole terrific team.

HG, Homeowner, May 2012

This is AMAZING. Your team brings good luck! We all talked and i told them that i thought they were good luck and they said that i was going to get an offer right away (after 3 months of nothing) an dwe did! Please, please tell them that I THANK them for the good cheer and hte luck they brought us!!

DA, Homeowner, May 2012

They were absolutely superb. I cannot express how kind they were and how strong and how efficient. The attic is an absolute transformation! I never expected to get so much done!! They are a truly lovely group of people.

DA, Homeowner, May 2012

Caroline, Wow! you did such a terrific job, I am so impressed with you and your team.

HG, Homeowner, May 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Rosehill looks incredible! It's like a different house. The clean up work and staging really show off the special features of this place. My only concern is that the owners will see it and decide to move back in! (just kidding...not likely).

DD, Agent, May 2012

We also stopped by Rosehill and it looks great. I want to buy it but 'you know who' won't allow it! Thanks again for your expert and professional job at our house.

LH, Homeowner, April 2012

I think your crew is fabulous, which I mentioned before. I've never seen people work so hard or as consistently as these guys. There was no slacking off ever that I saw---a rare thing. They were pleasant as well, which made having them around all that much easier.

SB, Homeowner, April 2012

We had an amazing response to the house-lots of interest-yesterday was like New Year's Eve in Times Square!! We are thrilled with you! So many thanks again! Many thanks. Happy Day!

FM, Agent, April 2012

Caroline-could not be more thrilled with the results! We thought it looked great, the response was very positive, and we expect to have offers in the next day or two. We will keep you posted! Thank you, thank you!

MW, Agent, April 2012

Caroline-You have made a true 'believer' of me. I will spread your name far and wide. By the way...do you know anyone with similar skills in Hilton Head? We'll be needing a pro to help us with our new home...when we find one!

LD, Homeowner, Mar 2012

Caroline – Ron speaks the truth! And I am convinced it will be the difference that draws the future, very happy buyers to the contract signing. (…) We sold the house yesterday to a very 'happy buyer' – who made a full price offer with perfect terms – the buyer was so impressed with how the house looked that she did not want to take any chances of losing it! Great job!

MBM, Agent, Mar 2012

The house looks fantastic! We are amazed that you were able to make such a transformation in a very short period of time! Thank you to you and your hard-working team. I can't believe how much different the in-law suite looks and my favorite part is what you did with the bookshelves in the kitchen! As mentioned before, you have a great eye and amazing talent for getting things done.

AF and LF, Homeowners, Mar 2012

I can't wait to see it! Caroline, it sounds like you have worked your magic yet again.

HH, Agent, Mar 2012

You and your team did an exquisite job staging our home for the market. Everyone who sees the place, neighbors, friends, the realtors are totally impressed with the presentation. You have succeeded in highlighting the attributes of every single room in this house. Amazing!!!! I didn’t recognize my own dining room…it shows so much larger and elegantly than it did. A Magician!!! That’s what you are, and I am convinced it will be the difference that draws the future, very happy buyers to the contract signing. I must confess, I was dubious about spending money to 'stage' our home. Baloney!!! I think it’s the single best investment we made since we began prepping the house for sale four months ago. Seriously!!!

RD and LD, Homeowners, Mar 2012

Your people did an invaluable service for me.

HK, Homeowner, Feb 2012

The girls did an efficient, first-rate job on Saturday packing up the books and files from my law firm and moving some to my new office at Johns Hopkins and most of them back to our house. They were excellent.

AP, Homeowner, Feb 2012

Our basement is completely empty and your two employees were wonderful. I knew we’d get it all done in one day with their assistance and we even finished with enough time to clean and tidy up before they left! Howard and his team were also great. They worked incredibly hard and had to come back the next day to get more trash to haul to the dump. He and his team were very professional and diligent. Thanks so much again and we look forward to working with you when it comes time to stage in late spring!

LG, Homeowner, Jan 2012

The house looks great! The ladies did a fabulous job and I, truly, feel like a new woman!!! Thank you so much. I do feel organized and I also am motivated to tackle the areas that I didn't ask for help with.

KC, Homeowner, Jan 2012


Caroline, we are so grateful for the truly excellent job you and your team did for us! We could not be any more pleased! You were a pleasure to work with!

BD, Homeowner, November 2011

Goodness Caroline... your team is simply AMAZING. I am endlessly grateful. As I watch their focused efforts and realize just how much STUFF I have even after 'weeding out' I know that this might have taken me three weeks (or years, likely). Let’s just hope I can manage the unloading on the other end!! You have the loveliest group and we are flattered to have you all in our home. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

SD, Homeowner, November 2011

Your team received great reviews for the work done on the first floor. Thank you!

RR, Corporate Client, October 2011

The packers were a great success and I anticipate bringing you guys back for our 5th to 4th floor relo later this year.

MC, Corporate Client, October 2011

Lowell house looks amazing - once again you and your team continue to work magic!

MM, Agent, October 2011

A personal thank you for doing an absolutely beautiful job on the Lowell Street house. You are so talented and it is exciting and wonderful to come and see your results….How lucky we are to have you.

SM, Agent, October 2011

The house on Foxhall sold with 2 offers on the first Open House, for full price!!!!!! You did it again! Third house this year!

JW, Agent, September 2011

The major reason for this message is to thank you for the excellent job of staging, which was incredibly instrumental in the sale of my apartment. You have my endorsement and I have referred you to friends, who will be selling a townhouse in Alexandria shortly. I also want to thank you for the referral of Howard Clark, V Street Movers, who does miracles!! So, thank you , thank you

GG, Homeowner, August 2011

The girls did a fantastic job! – everything really went well – they were a big help to us. Thank you!

MBM, Homeowner, August 2011

Could not have done it without you, Caroline. Many, many thanks from us all!

PB, Seller, August 2011

The girls did a great job, as always. I gave your name to a friend-I am always raving about how wonderful your folks are!

CR, Homeowner, July 2011

Caroline: Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate the terrific job you are doing for (my clients). Your work & dedication to this ever-expanding job has been outstanding!

MW, Agent, July 2011

The girls are amazing! Such eyes for placement and moving things around. They did a wonderful job, especially on the basement and laundry room which needed major help….what a huge help this has been and it motivates us to 'finish the job' in getting our storage boxes under control and in the right place (or garbage)....the wish I had is to have more time before you all came! Thank you so much!!!!

AM, Homeowner, July 2011

Caroline- thank you so much from all of us including (agent name). We were all blown away by your work! I have been telling everyone we know about you and the girls! If you ever need a recommendation, let us know. Hopefully we will see you again in august when we move in to our new home. Our son keeps asking about 'the girls'. Hope you are well and a sincere thanks!

GH, Homeowner, June 2011

We are excited to see the finished project....thanks for everything !! You are something- Amazing! We are singing your praises and think all houses ... including mine need you! The bookshelves are fabulous! Thanks! (Firm Name) folks really liked the house!

FM, Agent, June 2011

Done In A Day, You are AMAZING!! OMG....it is so beautiful and they are thrilled. Just got my home visit photos back and they are fantastic...just what I wanted. I have been singing your praises to everyone! 2 agents came to help price the house yesterday who had seen it a year ago. We all reacted the same...like the TV show where they build a fabulous house or re do a house then the owners come back and can't believe it..screams, etc.

SM, Agent, June 2011

My hat is off to Caroline. Superb job and wonderful outcome! Thank you Caroline and your team!

PB, Homeowner, April 2011

You probably know by now, but we had many visitors and received an offer near our asking price, $1,695,000, on Monday. I didn't ask (the agent) the advantage of your contribution because I am convinced that we couldn't have moved the house (not our home!) so quickly without your team's work. Thank you!

JH, Homeowner, April 2011

Under contract in two days! Well- let me tell you, you and your team did ‘magic tricks’ on that house… the product was perfect – the price was right. We had perfect alignment of our 4-P’s: Product, Price, Promotion and People. All equal a fast sale! Thank you!!!

MBM, Agent, April 2011

The agent tour went extremely well yesterday!! Even though I did not see the house prior to your work, I checked out some before shots and can’t believe the results. I really think the Living/Sun/Dining Room made the biggest impact. I stood by the front door and people literally 'oohed and ahhed' as they walked in. One agent even asked, 'this house didn’t really come this way, did it?' thinking it was so perfect! Such great work. Please pass along the amazing feedback to all of the girls and thank them for their long efforts in the house! Four showings today alone!

WH, Agent, April 2011

Thanks for making the unit look terrific!

JL, Homeowner, March 2011

Thanks, Caroline, for everything. We are happy that it is done!

ASB, Homeowner, March 2011

I was thinking about calling you! It went under contract the first weekend. Good stat for you! And….It's a full price offer. He (the seller) said he didn't think it would sell this fast.

CH, Agent, March 2011

The apt looks fantastic! Great Job once again!!!! Thank you and your team for a job well done. Cheers!

JB, Agent, March 2011

Caroline, I wanted to tell you myself how great the house looks and to thank you for all of your hard work. It was an enormous job but one that you did with grace and efficiency. The house was well received by the agents and it was priced at $1,995,000.

EM, Agent, March 2011

Once again your team has done an outstanding job Caroline!

MM, Agent, March 2011

I want to thank you on behalf of the siblings for the superb job you and your team did staging our mother's home. I did a walk-thru with my youngest son yesterday afternoon. The dramatic makeover took him by surprise, but his first comment was, 'I'd buy this house!' This was a huge effort, and one filled with raw emotion for all family members. I give you lots of credit for skillfully guiding us toward the shared goal we reached yesterday - having the For Sale sign posted out front. The hardest part, I think, is behind us and we can now look forward to the slow cherishing of photos and letters retrieved from the house's nooks and crannies, and blending our parents' memory-filled possessions into our own family homes. We can only hope that it continues to be a home full of love, support and laughter for another family (who pays A LOT of money for it!). You've certainly done a great job meeting the ambitious schedule we set, coming in at a cost free of any big surprises, and producing a final product that absolutely glows. Thank you!

AC, Homeowner, March 2011

Can you believe it? We received 4 offers just after the open on the house-the one we accepted was over asking!!!!!

JW, Agent, February 2011

The house is set up very nicely for showing. I think you and your crew do a marvelous job. Especially the way you incorporate existing art and furniture into the new layout. We will keep our fingers crossed for a quick sale at a high number. Thank you again. You did exactly what you said you would do, exactly when you said you would get it done.

WF, Homeowner, February 2011

Thanks for all of your amazing work and help w/connections. In our next home I can't wait to see what you'll do w/the place since you have such amazing style & taste and already know all of our furniture and art, etc.

KQ, Homeowner, February 2011

The girls came, saw and conquered...my house is gorgeous! My house is breathtakingly fabulous. I can't believe I made it through this ordeal. Thank you so very much for all your help.

SH, Homeowner, February 2011

It looks unbelievable!!!!!!!! You have performed a miracle on the house! It will look so great. Thank you.

EM, Agent, February 2011

A quick note to say thanks again for your help. I will be at the title company this morning finalizing the sale of our house. I'm convinced your work aided enormously in selling the house, and throughout the showings got numerous compliments on how wonderful the house looked. So thanks again.

PN, Homeowner, January 2011

A quick note to say 'thanks' for all of your work and wonderful decorator eye. Our house sold before we had an open sign. (The Realtor) and her team are the reason we did so well. Thank you Caroline, you and 'the girls'. My house really shined and we loved being in it these past few weeks. I showed it to all of my friends. I am recommending you to all.

KS and PS, Homeowners, January 2011


We had a great time last week and learned a lot. You and your 'girls' did a super job. We love the house. Our daughter is coming home tomorrow...she is a messy one, I am glad I have pictures.

KS, Homeowner, November 2010

I just want to say thanks for your wonderful recommendation of an electrician. He and his crew came as scheduled on Saturday -- right on time -- and completed the job in a day for about 20% of the other bid we had received! He also brought a friend who was able to repair the walls and ceilings where they had to make cuts -- again efficiently and at a very reasonable cost. So we're now ready to paint. We couldn't be more pleased, and we're truly grateful!

MP, Homeowner, November 2010

Caroline – I wish there were a 'job' – paying well, of course, where I could just be your cheerleading puppy-dog barking happily and loudly in concert with your completion of every property you transform to 'salability level'!! What you’ve done for us at the (client's) home is absolutely terrific!! – With their own stuff – either 'unloaded' or 'brought in'!! Anyway, (my partner) and I took our tour last evening, and we both loved the fact that not only were we HAPPY with your results, our clients were, also!! We’ll keep you in the loop – photo shoot this coming Friday, entrance into Private Placement – and then ON TO A HAPPY ENDING (SALE, of course!!). Many many thanks. We’ll call you for our next listing! BEST. BEST.

Agent, November 2010

Caroline, just wanted to let you know that I think we accomplished quite a bit today...your team is amazing and we even managed a few laughs! So all of my anxiety about (my daughter) was for naught (Thankfully). She LOVED the way her room looked..and is very happy to be able to pack her things (we'll get this done between tonight and tomorrow evening. (Agent), We've made a great start into our staging process and working hard to make it all come together. Caroline and her team are superb--thank you very much for that referral!

LRH, Homeowner, October 2010

We have been enjoying the changes in furniture arrangements in our apt--you have a great eye and we are really pleased with the outcome.

JL and KL, Homeowners, October 2010

Caroline, wow the house really looked good, everyone thought it looked really nicely pulled together…. everyone was extremely impressed!

MBM, Agent, October 2010

Fantastic! Caroline you are the best! Thank you!

EM, Agent, October 2010

Caroline - you are amazing!

NTB, Agent, October 2010

Caroline: Hey there. Hope all is well with you and your team. We have been under contract (for a tad over the asking price, actually) for about a week now (contract came in 4 days after going on the market) but I wanted to wait until after the inspection to let you know! Inspection yielded a request for $400 credit to replace some sockets. That's it.

DK, Homeowner, October 2010

It was wonderful to work with you and Elena and Betia! I am a convert, just as you promised. I hope to see you/engage you when we move out and move into wherever we are going in the neighborhood. Thank you! You are a jewel!

FB, Homeowner, September 2010

The house is getting to look like a home. I'm so grateful for your work. You are so talented and your crew is very nice too. My only regret is not calling you as soon as we bought the house. You are wonderful. It is amazing what you did with the placement of the art work. The most amazing thing is that you did the work with everything with had. Look forward to get the 'to do' list.

SS, Homeowner, September 2010


You and your crew were terrific, we are really pleased at how settled and organized we are thanks to you all. Many, many thanks.

SP, Homeowner, September 2009

Well done!!!!!!! You are a miracle worker I must say. Congratulations on pulling it together!!! I am so glad they have you in their life.

HH, Agent, August 2009

What you did for me changed my life and is the best money I have ever spent.

SY, Homeowner, August 2009

Caroline and her awesome girls have done an amazing job and I have so enjoyed working with each of them. They are a HUGE HELP and such a JOY to work with in the midst of the chaos of packing and definitely an answer to my prayers!!!! Thank you again for all of your help in our staging and move process. Caroline is an AMAZING COORDINATOR and I have really loved working with her and getting to know her this past week.

JT, Homeowner, August 2009

DIAD totally rocks. I've been telling everyone in the building how happy I am with all this, and neighbors who saw my apartment after the DIAD redo thought it was well worth the money.

GL, Homeowner, August 2009

Unit #2 got multiple offers after the first OPEN HOUSE last weekend. Another job well done, thanks!

MM, Agent, July 2009

I just wanted to e-mail you and say thanks again. The house looks great and we are doing a decent job at the moment of keeping it that way. I think the photo, etc. came out great.

JI, Homeowner, June 2009

I just came back from the condo. Very well done! I am very happy with the way it's done. Thank you!

WY, Agent, June 2009

I think you did a great job, particularly on such short notice. Well done.

HW, Agent, June 2009

Caroline, I thought the process and the results were fantastic. I am sold on this being the only way to sell houses. Thank you!

EM, Agent, May 2009

Thanks so much, Caroline. What a wonderful job....everything looks fantastic...!! Thank you so much for 'crunching' for us to make it happen. We are open tomorrow and Sunday and it will be great! Great job! Your crew is great too!

SG, Agent, May 2009

We really enjoyed working with you and your wonderful crew and appreciate everything you have done!! We are still in the throes of construction but I will keep you posted on progress. Your work was efficient, flawless and done with rarely found integrity…I will definitely use you again, whenever possible. Thank you again and I’m sure we will keep in touch, it was such a pleasure getting to know you and your crew a bit as well! Hello to all.

SG, Homeowner, May 2009

(My colleague) and I are really impressed with your operation. The (client's) house was a BEEHIVE yesterday - what a difference Done in a Day makes!

HH, Agent, May 2009

(It) was a total transformation!

CB, Agent, May 2009

Hope you and everyone at Done in a Day are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that the house is under contract! Just 38 days on the market. Quite a feat considering that only 5 homes in our price range have sold in the past 6 months in our zip code. Everyone said that the house showed beautifully. Thanks again for all of your help! Please say hello to everyone for us!

GP, Homeowner, May 2009

7 offers! (during the first open house)

MM, Agent, April 2009

Thank you for all your help it was a great success. You did a great job. Thank you very much.

EM, Agent, April 2009

Thanks Caroline. (The homeowner) and her sister are very happy. I am glad I was able to get you guys in to do your magic. I told her it was going to be worth it.

WB, Agent, April 2009

I think your new mini makeovers present a great option for some sellers in this market. Believe me, I credit my sales last year that you staged to you! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to my clients or to other agents.

DT, Agent, April 2009

You did a superb job especially given the excessive amount of (the homeowner's) items. Thank you abundantly. Will engage you again first opportunity.

NS, Agent, April 2009

Beautiful; Well Done; Looks Great.

RM, Agent, April 2009

Thanks so much. The place looks really lovely. You worked so hard!!

DF, Homeowner, April 2009

Caroline, we are under contract. Thanks for all of your great work. The house showed beautifully and I know that staging helped, especially with all of the crazy economic news in the last 2 weeks. Thanks much!

KD, Homeowner, March 2009

Thank you. We're impressed with all the 'teams' involved in DIAD and happy you're assisting us in the sale of our house. It looks great!

GB, Homeowner, March 2009

Place looks great!!!! Thanks for accommodating our schedule and completing the work in such a timely manner.

JO, Agent, March 2009

(The unit) looks wonderful. (We are very pleased. We have visited other competing condo buildings in and around the area and believe (ours) shows above and beyond the others. Thank you for listening to (our) concerns on the breakfast area/dining room table and chairs and the side tables in the living room (as well as the bar stools). What we had envisioned certainly shines through in the staging pieces you chose. Thank you again for all your hard work and really bringing (the unit) to life.

KB, Agent, March 2009

The people who have seen the house including a number of agents, have said the house is 'stunning'. I know that comment is based in large part on the wonderful staging job you did. The house looks wonderful. Thank you.

SH, Homeowner, March 2009

Thank you for all of the work and suggestions -- everything looks amazing! I thought the staging looked just perfect.

MH, Homeowner, March 2009

I went by the house last night on my way home from the office. (The homeowner) was beaming! All of the neighbors have visited the house and everyone is amazed at how well it turned out. You did an amazing job. The house looks and smells really clean

TM, Agent, March 2009

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This was very helpful advice on the carpet, and I agree with all your comments, but it is so helpful to have some guidance and reassurance.

HS, Homeowner, February 2009 (online consultation)

All of your suggestions were spot on and I really value your expertise.

TM, Homeowner, February 2009

I have reviewed all the photos and am very impressed with the work done. Each room really comes together and you are right, it is the little touches of art, orchids, throws etc that really make the rooms pop. It was funny to look at the pictures because there were several rooms that I could not recognize at first! I was especially impressed with the basement bedroom. Fixing it up nicely like that will hopefully impress on buyers that the home is really a 5+ bedroom house, which should add to its value. The family room was another real transformation as that room looked quite sloppy before and now looks perfect. Overall, I think the work done is quite impressive and I feel confident that it will make a big difference in presenting the house.

KR, Homeowner, February 2009

I held an open at the home yesterday and everyone absolutely loved the furniture and decor. One neighbor who had seen the home a month ago was very impressed. I provided your name...you never know who may need your assistance in the future! The master bedroom and 'bedroom' in the basement look absolutely fantastic. I also love the dining and living rooms. Thank you for your help with this property.

ER, Agent, February 2009

The house looks good! Thanks for your help!

HA, Agent, February 2009

The house looks great. You are amazing. What an eye for color and form. In just a few hours you transformed the rooms, making the house that much more appealing to buyers. Many thanks.

LB, Homeowner, February 2009

Wow, it looks amazing! Thanks!

LC, Agent, February 2009

I just mailed my letter describing how unbelievably amazing you and your team are. I had even more friends come over today and everyone is completely amazed. One of them said - 'it's like being on HGTV!' I've given everyone your website address and your name.

GP, Homeowner, February 2009

I just returned from my trip, and the place is stunningly perfect. You're a genius, and I'm grateful.

AL, Homeowner, February 2009

Well done, Caroline! I think it looks excellent.

BS, Agent, February 2009

We have loved living in a house staged by you. We received so many compliments from our friends on how beautiful the house looked. And I learned a lot about superb decorating, too.

BM, Homeowner, January 2009


We absolutely love what you have done to our house! It is a wonderful transformation and we thank you and your entire terrific team. They were all a pleasure to work with, beyond what I have ever experienced. Their patience with me during the hectic packing up was much appreciated. They were so willing to work with my needs while still gently urging me to let go of so many things. I adored each and every one of them.

BM, Homeowner, October 2008

I want to thank you for your consultation in helping sell our home in one weekend. It was truly done in a day!! I did not want to let you know our good news until our inspection was finalized today.There is certain agenda that we agents know too well prior to responding to a job complete. I must say that I feel that any Realtor who goes through the process of selling their own home should earn at least 36 hours of continuing education credits. I empathize with all of my clients more than ever and understand the 3-4 second per room rule more than ever. I know I would not be able to live in my home as it is now furnished, however I do know the importance of neutralization and flow more than ever.

SL, Agent, September 2008

I wanted to let you know that I went by the P Street house this weekend and it looks amazing! You all did a fantastic job staging the house. I was really impressed with how well everything came together. Also, the four ladies that helped with the cleaning, packing and unpacking were incredible!! Please let them know how much we appreciate all that they did. It was so wonderful to come home on Saturday to a house that was almost totally unpacked and clean!!

AM, Homeowner, July 2008

I went by the house and it looks AMAZING!! Great job!

AM, Homeowner, July 2008

I think you did a remarkable job staging the home. The furnishings suited the home perfectly. The house went under contract in 28 days whereas the market norm is 5 months! I was pleased that when I offered some criticism early on, you corrected the concern immediately.

TK, Agent, July 2008

Thanks for all of your support with the staging. I hope the breakdown went okay. We have a ratified contract, no doubt thanks in part to the magnificent staging!

KB, Homeowner, July 2008

The house on Ritchie looks fantastic. I think the staging really puts the house in its best light. Thanks for your hard work – I know it will make a difference.

TK, Agent, June 2008

You go girl - it is all because of the magic of you and your team!!!

TY, Agent, June 2008

You did a fabulous job. Thank you again for all of your flexibility, your tremendous skills, and for being so great throughout this process!

GH, Homeowner, May 2008

Everything looks great! Someone came in during the photo shoot and said the place was amazing and he is coming back tomorrow with his girlfriend. Nice job.

BJ, Agent, May 2008

Thanks for everything. The girls are done here today. They are super! Again, many thanks for all of your help. It is coming together so well....thanks to Done In A Day!

BS, Homeowner, May 2008

I am a true believer in your talents! I saw the before and after and the transformation was incredible! My husband wants to have our house staged -- just for us to enjoy! Thank you! This has been a wonderful experience!

DT, Agent, April 2008

It has been an exciting two days, we got an offer yesterday and we counter-offered last night. They accepted the offer in writing this afternoon. We got a great price: $1,070,000. It was great working with Done in A Day, the transformation was amazing and both R. and I believe that a third of the reason the house sold so fast was the staging. The other two thirds were the right price and the right neighborhood. It took all three parts to get the house sold. Thanks so much for your help.

KB, Homeowner, April 2008

As usual outstanding! The wows at Sunday’s open were non-stop.

MM, Agent, April 2008

Wow....an offer 3 days after the staging was done...I should have done it earlier. Thanks for your help...the place looked great! Thanks for the great job and for helping to bring in the offer I have.

JD, Homeowner, April 2008

The open house went really well! People had all really positive comments about the place. Thanks again for making the place look so beautiful. We have forwarded the virtual tour to friends and they can't get over how gorgeous and 'magazine ready' it looks! You've really done a stellar job!

GH, Homeowner, April 2008

I was at the Open yesterday and everyone was raving about the staging. A customer in particular who has seen all 3 stages of the house - her furniture, empty and yours - said that your work was great in helping her visualize what fits in each room. As always, you do such a good job!!

TY, Agent, March 2008

You did a remarkable job!!! It looks great - I certainly would never hesitate to recommend you.

TW, Homeowner, March 2008

The house looks fabulous, you did a great job!!

NS, Homeowner, March 2008

I was at the Open yesterday and everyone was raving about the staging. A customer in particular who has seen all 3 stages of the house - her furniture, empty and yours - said that your work was great in helping her visualize what fits in each room. As always, you do such a good job!!

TY, Agent, March 2008

You did a remarkable job!!! It looks great - I certainly would never hesitate to recommend you.

TW, Homeowner, March 2008

The house looks fabulous, you did a great job!!

NS, Homeowner, March 2008

The agents 'open house' was fabulous. They loved your taste; pictures, fresh plants, lighting, lamps and the way you turned the house from 'empty' to a HOME. I had over forty agents.

DT, Agent, February 2008

We sold for our asking price (a record price in Cleveland Park!). It was on the market for less than 48 hours. So kudos to DIAD. Caroline, you and every member of your team are amazing. I keep walking through all the rooms and just loving them...

DH, Homeowner, January 2008


Thanks in good part to you, our house is confirmedly sold!!! I cannot tell you enough of my admiration of you in all ways.... the organization, the designing... and- most of all- the SUPER human being who causes it all to happen!!! You have been accommodating to the nth degree...Again....THANK-YOU...THANK-YOU...THANK YOU...

AW, Homeowner, November 2007

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. It showed beautifully and had my client waited to review offers until after the open, we would have had multiple offers!

TH, Agent, September 2007

Caroline, you have done a fantastic job with my apartment! I am just so pleased. It is absolutely perfect in person, and photographs are beyond gorgeous! To pass along an example: I showed the place last night to a very close friend who has tastes so completely different from mine, but she couldn't stop saying fabulous things about your design. Thought the space looked bigger than her 1100 square foot loft...and told me that I should have you reorder & redo our town home once the apartment sells. It's just perfect! Thanks so much!

JW, Homeowner, September 2007

Caroline, you did an amazing job on Forest Lane-you are so gifted! It was transformed!

MS, Agent, September 2007

Caroline - you are now in deep trouble! EVERYONE who saw the property wanted to know who staged it, what your phone # was and expressed how brilliant it was --- I tried to take some of the glory but it was clear that Done In A Day was the star - can't tell you how incredibly impressed everyone was - mouths agape and jaws dropped -------Sat. and Sun. were packed with potential buyers-- the drama and grandeur of the house are beautifully showcased by your vision, Caroline.

MC, Agent, September 2007

It looks fantastic-thanks for such great work, Caroline

WB, Agent, September 2007

Caroline, it looks amazing!!!

MH, Homeowner, September 2007

As soon as I got off the plane at National, I got a cab and came home, grabbed the car and went to see the house-I was thrilled with all of the work you have done there…it looked very appealing to the young folk and a definite 'facelift'-all of the refurbishing is terrific-WOW! Caroline, all in all, I think that you are a genius….I can’t tell you how lucky we are that our agent “found” you…it makes all the difference-and I thank you and the rest of your team SO much for giving the house and me a huge boost-let me know when you run for president…I’ll not only vote for you, I’ll volunteer for your campaign!

AW, Homeowner, September 2007

WOW, WOW, WOW! The apartment looks amazing. My husband said to me this morning upon viewing the pictures, ‘why did we move?’ (because we could never live so glamorously, of course, with a toddler and a newborn, but honestly, it's like a magazine shoot and we're jealous of our own apartment! Whoever buys it is so lucky!) Many, many thanks. We're so pleased you're on our team

SS, Homeowner, August 2007

I just wanted to email you to thank you for all of your hard work-you were flexible and able to work with my short timeline. Although my house was almost fully furnished and decorated, you were able to “complete” it and make the hose look like a 'showplace'. Your efforts made the sale of my house easy—it sold in 4 days for full asking price and the contract had perfect terms and conditions…

RH, Agent and Homeowner, August 2007

We loved the staging! Thank you. We really liked the way you opened up the fireplace to the entire room, made it much more central - we had essentially closed it off by our placement of furniture, but then we had two competing focal points - tv and fireplace - and that didn't work. Your staging really brought the room together, something I felt that we never quite managed. Building everything around the wallpaper in the hall really worked. My family loved it also. Thank you. Now we just need a buyer!

BG, Homeowner, August 2007

You did a fabulous job! The interior design…the landscaping…the efficiency in doing the work so quickly…your availability in for any requests we had were of the highest professional standards. You also did a thoughtful and superb job of working with tow generations of a family-all from long distance!

PR, Realtor, June 2007

The pictures look fantastic. Better than fantastic….it makes me think that we should try harder to furnish our next home appropriately!

JS, Homeowner, June 2007

Caroline-Wow - the place looks great! I love the style that you picked - not too contemporary, not too antique - to appeal to a broad base of buyers, and that it looks very open and uncluttered. Exactly what most buyers are looking for these days! The transformation of the sunroom is really terrific and it now looks very welcoming and comfortable and like a room you would want to spend a lot of time in. I love it. Thanks for all your hard work and for getting it done so quickly. I'll send you the virtual tour when it's done so you can see the fruits of your labor!

JS, Agent, May 2007

Caroline, thank you for doing such a beautiful job staging my apartment! It went under contract after the first open house with 6 offers!

LB, Homeowner, April 2007

I heard about Caroline Carter's Done in a Day, from my real estate agent who recommended her work. Caroline staged my condo before the first open house, and we had 18 offers, almost all for over than the asking price! I can't believe that my condo generated that much interest when three others in the same building have been on the market for months. I would highly recommend Done in a Day, to anyone looking for a quick and easy sale.

BA, Homeowner, April 2007

My brother and I found DONE IN A DAY to be an effective partner in selling our parents' house. Caroline Carter is thorough, thinks ahead, and remembers what might need a little extra attention before an open house. She staged the house in a style that was very appropriate to its potential market. The house sold quite quickly, and (equally important) from a distance of 300 miles--in opposite directions--my brother and I found DONE IN A DAY to be very easy to work with and totally reliable.

KT, Homeowner, March 2007

Caroline-the condo looks fantastic! It looks so good I should keep it! (haha)

MW, Homeowner, January 2007

You are a miracle worker! The apartment looks wonderful!

BC, Homeowner, January 2007

WOW! WOW! WOW! Phenomenal job, Caroline! It looks just great and I can't wait to see more photos. Thank you for your care, vision, and execution.

DD, Homeowner, January 2007

Done In A Day did a superb job. Our apartment was on the market for five months and never got an offer. Three weeks after we hired Done In A Day, we sold it.

SS, Homeowner, January 2007


In September of 06, we found ourselves in an unenviable position with a brand new 1600 square foot condominium in Nothwest, Washington DC. We purchased a pre-construction state of the art condo at 14th and P Street in April of 04 and were told it would be ready by year end 05. Being San Francisco based, we applied for job transfers etc. to reflect the construction dates only to find out construction was delayed by 1 year. Our job transfers were no longer valid based on promotions on the West Coast and were forced with difficult decisions around a condo and lifestyle. So, we closed on the condo, contacted a realtor we met 2 years previously, Joe Himali from Best Address, and said we needed to sell our condo ASAP. Joe immediately set us with Caroline Carter of ‘Done in a Day’ on Tuesday, by the following Monday our condo was 'Done in a Day', pictures posted and all ready for the open house the following Sunday. Well, our condo never made it to the open house due to the synergy between Joe and Caroline, the photos, the marketing, the quality and appeal of the units furnishings all led us to accept an offer that Saturday. What is key to point out that right now in October of 06, all of the national news is talking about the housing slow down, the bubble has burst but we were very fortunate to have found Caroline because if you do it right, i think good things will still happen. It is now Friday, October 13th and within one day, our staging has become 'Gone in a Day'.

LK, Homeowner, October 2006

The staging is fantastic! The virtual tour has been updated and the open house had the most traffic yet!

MS, Homeowner, October 2006

I heard about Caroline Carter's Done in a Day, Inc., from a real estate agent friend whom I had asked about preparing our Washington property for rental. We live out of town and planned to supervise the renovations from a distance. So we needed a trustworthy person to oversee our revamping project. The agent said that Caroline and her firm were reliable, fast, knowledgeable and creative. I can confirm that everything my friend told me about Done in a Day, Inc., was accurate -- and then some. Caroline did a comprehensive assessment of our needs and located a wonderful all-around subcontractor, who worked diligently on the project for two months. She gave advice when we needed it, letting us know candidly when she thought we were making the wrong decision on a renovation. Most often her advice was good and our ideas were misguided. She kept in mind that we weren't millionaires, adapting the project to our budget. We were impressed with her honesty, candor, and reliability in staying in touch with us. We couldn't be happier with how things turned out with our Washington property and would heartily recommend Done in a Day, Inc. to anyone interested in preparing a property for rental or sale.

C&JK, Homeowners, September 2006

Done In A Day was the best money I spent in selling my house. Caroline made a remarkable difference. Both my realtor and I are amazed at how she and her team were able to so efficiently yet so completely improve the look and feel of my house. At a time when the market has cooled off considerably, my house sold in twelve days for full asking price with no contingencies. It would not have happened without Caroline. She is extraordinarily professional and a pleasure to work with. I will have her consult on my new house as soon as I move in, as she has a gift for making places look their best. I would be happy to speak with anyone considering using Done In A Day.

DB, Homeowner, June 2006

The brilliant staging worked and the condo has sold. Thank you, thank you. I liked what you did with the big closet ('library') and also loved the kitchen - the warmth of the rug, the way you camouflaged that ugly circuit box, and the way you exploited the little shelf the renovators put in near the window - in your interpretation, a cookbook shelf. I also loved the linens on the bed and the way you pushed the bed way over to the window to make the room look bigger. Finally, the red Gerber daisy in the bathroom - very nice. I was relieved that the scheme wasn't ALL yellow and green, a little punch just when you thought you'd seen it all. It was an enormous amount of money for me, especially to pay upfront, but certainly worth every penny. Thank you so much for using your talent so well and doing such hard work - I'm sure it is a large factor in how quickly the apartment sold.

JO, Homeowner, June 2006

I also want to note that what you did was terrific and no doubt had a significant effect on the quick sale at a favorable price. Indeed, one prospective buyer wrote us a note to compliment us on our nice job of decorating the house.

JV, Homeowner, May 2006

In the process of downsizing and preparing to move from our 5600 sq foot home to an apartment of 2500 sq feet, we gave virtually half of our furniture away to family. The house looked so bare. Our real estate agent, in whom we have the utmost confidence suggested that we get the house staged and suggested we meet Caroline Carter to learn about the process and its benefits. Caroline's energy and experience were tremendous but we were skeptical. Not only were we going to have to empty out even more of the house, but we'd have to put away much of our carefully displayed art collection. But her good sense ultimately prevailed: we didn't want prospective buyers to think that they could only ‘fit’ in the house if they too had an extensive art collection. So we packed it all away. The results were beyond our expectations. The house looked bigger and brighter. The furniture and touches accentuated the remaining art, and it was actually fun to see how she mixed and matched our furniture with the staged pieces. The house sold in under three weeks. And we are no longer skeptical.

JF, Homeowner, May 2006

I just want to say they are amazing!!! When my best friend looked at them she said, 'I can't imagine anyone WE know living THERE.' It certainly doesn't look like a convent, that's for sure! Thank you so much. I appreciate all your talent and hard work on this.

JB, Homeowner, May 2006

Caroline, just wanted to say thanks again - the house looks GREAT!!! I can't wait to put it on the market!

AS, Owner/Agent, May 2006

Done in a Day is long overdue in the Washington, DC area. Caroline Carter is one of the most talented individuals I have known. She has enhanced the beauty of our home-outside and inside-triplefold!!!

MH, Homeowner, February 2006

I just wasted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased I have been with the decorating and furnishings you provided for our 2 homes at Porter Street, NW. Both houses have just sold and I am sure that you furnishing each house to appeal to two different buyer types helped us sell the houses despite having to bring them on the market during the Holiday season, a less than optimal time. In addition, the speed at which you were able to react to our request to furnish and decorate the homes was impressive. The name of your company seems appropriate. Finally, your pricing seemed quite fair. I look forward to having you furnish and decorate other houses that we build in the future.

SK, Builder, February 2006


I am so pleased with the way Done In A Day staged my listing for sale. The home was transformed and the potential buyers were able to see how lovely the vacant home could be! I have, and will continue to refer Caroline Carter and Done In A Day to all of my fellow Realtors, and homeowners who are selling their homes.

AD, Realtor, December 2005

Wow, I have not been impressed like that in a long, long time!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Done in a day so much!

AC, Homeowner, December 2005

Full price contract, one day on market! With major enthusiasm, sharp and quick analytical skills, taste, spatial sense, and organizational abilities beyond belief, Caroline Carter makes a plan, works it and depending on the projects size and scope, is frequently 'done in a day.'

JS, Realtor, December 2005

I can't tell you how fun it has been getting gall squared away here on 45th street. I never would have considered all of the options you gave us, and now the place truly feels like home. We lived in our other home for 9 years and struggled to hang and arrange anything. Would that I had known you then!

GB, Homeowner, October 2005

After having lived with several smaller to-do projects for almost a year, I finally decided to see what we could finish on a small budget. Caroline Carter and her Done In A Day crew were able to complete almost my entire wish list on a shoestring budget with the highest quality of work. She truly made the house come together and feel complete. The master bathroom, in particular, was very unattractive and I expected to spend several thousand dollars to where it was passable. Caroline and her crew were able to completely transform and modernize it with a quarter of the amount of money I expected. Caroline Carter is a pleasure to work with. Honest, reliable, trustworthy and has fabulous taste. I highly recommend her and her company, Done In A Day.

ER, Homeowner, September 2005

It's great not having to worry about one more thing,... Done in a Day is one of the Washington area's best kept secrets!

PK, Homeowner, August 2005

My spring, summer, fall and winter garden planters would be a mess if it were not for Caroline's beautiful work. Her knowledge of flower combinations and colors that compliment the exterior of my house is without equal.

PMG, Homeowner, July 2005

I can think of no one more clever, capable and efficient than Caroline Carter. She transformed my home in a matter of hours. Her ability to use minimal resources for maximum effect is pure magic!

LT, Homeowner, June 2005

True to their name-Done in a Day-transformed my house inside and out from everyday to holiday. I will never try and do it all myself again.

KH, Homeowner, June 2005

You did a wonderful job Caroline. The owner would not have gotten $10,500 over asking in one day without your efforts!

MPP, Agent, April 2005

$1,000 over asking price, on the market 2 days.

M & DJ, Homeowner, April 2005